Do you finish every book? What about those one you are not enjoying?

I started two books in December and one in January which I am not really enjoying. One I have stopped reading as it’s a classic and it’s Charles Dickens Christmas stories, I may try it again later on but the stories were odd. They didn’t all seem to have a definite plot line and they weren’t Christmas themed stories, I think it was just a tradition to tell stories during Christmas.

The other book is an autobiography-because I’m criticising it I’d rather not name it- and I decided to download the ebook on impulse. Most autobiographies I’ve read are by comedians so I’m used to a funny book but this one wasn’t funny. And the author kept putting down and criticising these people from their past, now while these people may have deserved it at the time it just made me feel like this person was using their book to have a go. It just didn’t seem right, people grow up and kids are mean to other kids, is it right to lay all in a book? I know this person has done a lot and made a lot of themself but they are in no way humble in the beginning of this book and it was grating to me. (Maybe it’s just me I’m not confident talking about myself and bigging myself up for want of a better turn of phrase there).

The other is a free ebook from netgalley, which I’ve had since October and only now got to read. I got right into it to start with, I loved the characters and the start got right into a bit of action. But then afterwards there just seem to be a lot of talking and characters sitting around. And then I got very annoyed when a whole chapter went something like this: 1.02 mrs green drove her car to the station, 1.03 her husband got to work. Through the whole chapter a list of things happening. This is after a lovely chat between two characters, this is meant to be the action part of the story. After that there was a lovely bit about a secondary character and her past. One of the main characters reappears and we wait for the action again but then it gets all chessey, it’s an old book, but I couldn’t really get all worked up with archaic magic rituals. This is not even half way through! And it’s so cheesey.

I hate not finishing a book and because I’m on the Goodreads challenge I’d like to fnish the one’s I’ve started but: argh! Is it worth it? I’ve just finished one book (Foxlowe) within 9 days and I’ve been reading the others for longer. Sometimes I’m not in the mood for a book or I find if I get through a boring bit it gets better but…. if you’re not enjoying it shouldn’t you just drop it?

I hate not finishing.

3 thoughts on “Do you finish every book? What about those one you are not enjoying?”

  1. I've started to stop reading books that I'm not enjoying (most recently Orlando by Virginia Woolf). So many books, so little time! This is a hobby so it seems bonkers to force myself to read something that I'm not enjoying. Mind you, I do still do this with classics as I feel I should!


  2. I've stopped reading the books I didn't like. So many books so little time-I have that phrase on a tote bag I bought from a blog. Yes, you're right it is a hobby. I think some people finish the book but it's up to them. Perservering with a classic as the language and style is different pays off I think. Thanks for commenting 😊


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