The Hunger Games: Mockingjay By Suzanne Collins

I started reading this series after watching the first film, there’s always that dilemma when there’s a new film based on a book. Should I watch the film first or read the book? So that’s why only now I’ve finished the final book in ‘The Hunger Games’ trilogy by Suzanne Collins. ‘Mockingjay’. 
When I watched the film I was disapointed, (spoiler alert:) Katniss wasn’t involved in the fighting, well not really, there was no epic battle. 
So I hoped the book wouldn’t be as disappointing and no it wasn’t. They say the book’s always better and it is because you are more involved with the character, in their head and following them. So because I knew what Katniss was thinking from the beginning, her concerns about who to trust for example I enjoyed it even though  she wasn’t active in the war towards the end. And now I think about it, I guess realistically she’s young and although most fiction writers love us to believe in children/teens that can save the world, in reality we all doubt this. So I guess this book is more realistic. It is!
I finished this book in about six days! I’m not bragging, this book was so hard to put down that I’d have a break and then pick it back up. I would have finished sooner if work or sleep didn’t have to intervene. I just don’t understand how nobody is still raving about Suzanne Collins. This book deals with dictators, the seriousness of war and poverty. It deals with grief and love and this is such a mature book it seems more of an insult to just call it YA and shelve it next to paranormal romances or chessey teen melodramas (no offence of course I did read Twilight, sorry I’m a vampire fan and always will be, always have been..).
 Katniss is not sappy, she is a flawed, head strong woman who does not really want to be a hero. She’s someone that you probably won’t like. There’s so much I want to say about this book but I don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t read it. The end! Well, it explains the start of the war and then why the hunger games started and ties it up. 
There is a lot of time with Katniss healing from injuries and she doesn’t get involved with the war really but she does fight in some places. Although there’s not a huge amount of action the pace is good and nothing is contrived, everything fits nicely. A twist in the end? At times this book hits you in the face with the horrors it shows and is there much of a reprieve from that? Not so much, no sappy happy story here but then I guess it’s more realistic that way. 
 Being first person we don’t really see much of the end of the war but then it is a change from films etc when action and big battles are the norm. Many people have criticise aspects of this book, certain people dying (I get) and the way it ends but i think this is because they are used to the predictable end when the hero does all the work and saves the day.  And we don’t want characters to die but then that’s what happens in life. This is not a plot led novel, this is a book about Katniss and that’s why I enjoyed it. 
 Maybe if we could see more of Peeta being with Katniss- sometimes she seems to completely forget about him which you wouldn’t do if you really loved someone! Sometimes! Maybe I’m being too harsh here,I really enjoyed this book, I’m thinking of the flaws and making the mistake of reading others comments. 

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