Kate Riordan: The Shadow Hour

CURRENTLY READING: The Shadow Land By Elizabeth Kostova, I’m on chapter 22 and loving it. Will review as soon as I’ve got to the end, wanting to find out what happens but also wanting it to last. In the meantime I just found this review I wrote last year (I think) for Netgalley. I loved this book and recommend this author. The Shadow Hour by Kate Riordan (the similarity in these titles is a complete coincidence except I remembered I wrote a review for this book).

My Review

Mystery and secrets await Grace at Fenix House. Sent there by her grandmother who was once a governess there herself, Grace instantly finds holes in the stories her grandmother told her and is compelled to find out the truth.  The story is told from Grace’s viewpoint and dips into her grandmother’s viewpoint in the past to reveal the secrets and mysteries. The Shadow Hour is a riveting read, one of those novels you’ll find yourself reading late into the evening, promising yourself ‘one last chapter’. 

Reminiscent of classic novels, (Jane Eyre is mentioned and the end is revealed) some scenes would not be out of place in a gothic novel. Each atmospheric scene is perfectly described without clichés and you are easily transported into Grace and Harriet’s world.  Tense, dramatic, surprising and emotional this story is perfect: great atmosphere, plenty of mystery to keep you reading until the last page. Can’t wait for the next book by Kate Riordan.

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