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Review: Did You See Melody? By Sophie Hannah. (Ebook from netgalley in exchange for review)

To say this book is a riveting read would be an understatement, I read this book within two days because I didn’t want to stop reading.

Cara’s arrival in Arizona and the initial mystery that surrounded it hooked me and then as she becomes intrigued by the story of a missing girl so did I.
I felt like I was being pulled along as slowly but with perfect pacing the story unfolds and answers are given. At times I wanted to scream because of the shift in the narrative at a moment I thought I was going to find something out, but that’s all the fun of this type of book, it keeps you gripped to the page.
The story of the missing girl is told using transcripts of a TV show and articles which Cara watches/reads. I thought that this would put me off at first but it didn’t because I needed answers and found myself eagerly reading page after page.  
I don’t usually read crime novels and I expected to read a plot driven thriller. But this novel has not only a gripping plot but likeable realistic characters; I even liked- to my surprise- the outspoken ‘Tarin’, (I think she’s my favourite).
Towards the end of the story my interest started to wane because the viewpoint changed-but I urge anyone not to be put off by this (if you are)  because any negative opinions I had quickly changed by the time I reached the conclusion.
The solution to the mystery was very clever! And the ending: woah!
But you’ll have to read it and find out for yourself. I’m trying hard not to give the best bits away.
I need a breather after reading this book but I enjoyed it and will be reading more like it in future.

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