Mental Health Week

So I hear it’s mental health week, if it’s one thing that we don’t seem to take care of enough it’s our mental health. We know how to ease or prevent a cold-or the myths and theories anyway. And we know what to do when we have minor illnesses. We see a doctor for our physical problems but how many will actually go and speak to someone if they have anxiety or depression?

When it comes to our mental health we stumble along blindly. It always amazes me how many people suffer with mental health issues, maybe we need to teach people and start with children, how to look after their mental health? Not just how to look out for symptoms of the serious stuff, but how to deal with stress (yes, finally they are accepting teens get stressed!) and general life upsets. I remember being a child, I had anxiety then too I just didn’t know what it was!

Talking about anxiety, here’s a good book that helped me when I was struggling with panic attacks in my teens:
Overcoming Anxiety, 2nd Edition: A Books on Prescription Title (Overcoming Books) by [Kennerley, Helen]

The best thing for mental health is exercise, for me it’s yoga and when I remember mindfulness meditation. You can find free videos on youtube and a lovely free course is often running on futurelearn:

If you’re reading this and you have mental health problems here’s me sending positive caring thoughts you’re way:
Image result for animals funny hugging
And remember you are not alone (can’t say that without thinking of that advert, ‘you’re not alone, we’re a loan!’ That’s ruined that phrase for me). Find some support, online if you can’t talk to someone face to face just yet. Don’t bottle it up write it down.

You are stronger than you think and if you’re feeling bad right now remember that it will pass. It’s always worse than you think. I promise.

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