Review of: The Blackhouse by Peter May

Title: The Blackhouse

Author: Peter May

Hardback, library book

I started reading this book expecting it to be a crime novel, something different for me to read to challenge myself. But although there is a murder that needs to be solved, more attention is given to Finn Macleod’s past. Finn Macleod does investigate the murder but at the same time his past is unfolded as he meets his old friends and enemies. It’s a slow story that although disappointed me (as I expected something different) did intrigue me and I continued to the end. I loved the way the author presented the emotions and feelings of the characters, the tiny details of the past. How themes of loss, regrets and nostalgia are touched upon in a profound if subtle way. I enjoyed the setting and discovering Finn’s story. 

However, the end and the resolution did not meet my expectations, I felt that there were not many clues to the resolution in the story and I’m not sure whether it is believable or not because of that. Maybe things should be hinted at more so we can think something’s going on, so that when the solution is presented you don’t wonder at it. Unless I missed something?
 After such a long drawn out story it did seem to end abruptly, all the information given quickly and I did not like the pacing at the close of the book. 
I expected a fast pace conclusion, I feel that it was just a quick end to a long tale.

I did enjoy this story and I would recommend it, I’m just not sure about the end and would be interested to know what others make of it?

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