UNBOXING: Ninja Book Box

Last month I finally decided to buy a Ninja Book Box. I decided to treat myself. If you’ve not heard of it, Ninja Book Box is a subscription service (or one off, like I did) where you recieve a mystery book and some related treats. 

Why did I choose this one?

Well, there are a lot of different book subscriptions out there. This one is  for a new book from an independent publisher. It cost £29.99 for a one off box.

The theme for this months box also interested me, it is: ‘Magical Lands’

Why buy a book box?

Treat yourself or a fellow bibliophile. I loved the idea of someone picking out a book for me, something I wouldn’t have thought to read or didn’t know existed. It’s a fun way of finding new books and authors. And not only do you get a book but little gifts related to the book too.

Anyway, you can find all the info you want on their website: http://www.ninjabookbox.com/about. But here is my unboxing.


I was so excited when I got my hands on this box that I tore open the packaging, it was all neatly wrapped in tissue paper and with bubble wrap. So:

 What’s in the box?

I had this (above) little welcome note explaining about the contents of the box and then (as you can see in the photo below) an envelope which I still haven’t opened. A recipe card for nutmeg hot chocolate which I have to try and an invite to discuss the book on the forum.

The treats in the box were (as shown below) a lovely quote on embossed card which I have to find a frame for, well suiting the magical theme and so true! A ‘magical library’ candle which reminds me of incense and New Age shops, can’t wait to try that. It’s also glittery. And dragon fruit seeds, I’ve never tried dragon fruit myself but the timing is great as I’m always wanting to grow things in the spring.

I was confused about the next items but I’m sure once I’ve read the book it will all make sense. A little pouch with a tiny glasses charm and a dragon, I love dragons. 

Oh, and here is the book:

I didn’t expect a children’s book. This is a signed edition! That was also a surprise. And it’s glow in the dark! At first I was sceptic but read five chapters in one go I was sucked in straight away. It’s a charming story about a little girl who is discovering magic, her grandfather has entrusted her to look after his books and left her some rather mundane objects which are not normal at all. I will be reviewing the book on here once I’ve finished reading it. 

What did I think about the box?

It cost £29.99 and it is worth the price. It is obvious that so much thought and effort has gone into this box and it was so exciting and delightful unwrapping all the little treats, each little gift in the box is related to the book. They were things I’d seen online (the candle) or things I’d love (seeds, dragon charm) but never would decide to buy for myself. This is a great treat to get yourself, it’s a proper gift because you don’t know what is going to be in the box but you know that it’s going to be amazing. 
I’m so happy with my Ninja Book Box!

9 thoughts on “UNBOXING: Ninja Book Box”

  1. Yes it includes postage. You can find discount codes sometimes on twitter as if you sign up to be a referral(? Forget what it was called) you get a discount code to put on your blog just look for ninja book box unboxings. Loved the book still got to review it. The price has been reduced but not sure if it has been for subscription.


  2. I missed out on this box! But it looks lovely and such fun, I love dragons so this would've been perfect. I am glad you also liked it very much! Nice review 🙂
    moonkestrelblog here


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