Holiday Book Haul!

Yesterday I got back from a lovely weeks holiday in Cornwall, I stayed in Boscastle.  It’s been thirteen years (or so) since I visited last and wow I waited too long! I always say I’m not allowed to buy anymore books, I have so many but… I’m allowed to on holiday 😀
No idea where I’m going to put them though.
I bought:
  • The World of Poldark- I love Poldark books and series. Currently reading ‘Poldark’s Cornwall’ which I am so close to finishing and will be reviewing here very soon. (Probably one of the reasons I visited Cornwall too!)
  • I found a second hand book shop in Boscastle! Trust me! So excited. Picked up a copy of Thomas Hardy’s ‘A Pair of Blue Eyes’ which conveniently enough was mentioned in Boscastle guides because Hardy met his wife there and the book is based on her. I’m a Hardy fan so this was a good find. 
  • Same second hand book shop: ‘The Clan of the Cave Bear’ by Jean M. Auel. I’ve heard about this and I’m sure someone recommended it too?

The British Heart Foundation always have great old Classics, sssh don’t tell anyone we don’t want everyone to know and I found three  books in the one in Truro (Poldark exhibition in the museum by the way. More info below), I got ‘Jo’s Boys’ and ‘Little Men’ lovely editions and I’ve been meaning to read them for a while. BUT. When I got back to the cottage (lovely cottage) I noticed that they are abridged editions! 😱 That is not good, so I’ll keep them because they look pretty but I’ll be finding the unabridged (proper!) editions, maybe a Kindle freebie (I might already have them who knows, so many books you see). And lastly I found a copy of ‘Howard’s End’ by E.M. Forster in the same charity shop, I’ve been meaning to read this for a while and I love ‘A Room With a View’. 

No idea, where I’m going to put all these books though. I really MUST NOT buy anymore 

 Before this holiday haul I bought a copy of ‘America Gods’ by Neil Gaiman, I couldn’t help it, I read a few pages then a whole chapter and it was only £3! I was hooked and it was cheap.

The last book I bought was about the flood at Boscastle in 2014.  I visited the witchcraft museum there the same year. I had to buy this book, there was a copy in my hotel and it was a heart wrenching read and I didn’t have time to finish it. Nobody died during the flood thankfully but there was a massive clean up and rebuild of people homes and businesses. I felt sad about it then even though I’d only been there for a short time. It’s been a while though and:

Boscastle is a gorgeous place and the people are lovely ! 

Moving on…..

Stationary Haul

I’m not just a bookworm but a writer and I love stationary. I could not resist this quill set, I’ve seen them before in Pembroke Castle (good place to visit by the way) and didn’t buy one then so I did now. From Tintagel, which also has a castle but there’s not much left of it. 
In the same picture below you will see a pen saying ‘Doc Martin’ on it ↡

it’s like a syringe, clever since the Doc has a phobia of blood, I visited ‘Port Issac’ where it’s filmed and had to get a souvenir, I’ve been watching the show since it started.
We were lucky enough to be visiting as they were filming! 

And I was so lucky to get my picture taken with Martin Clunes! Long story there and too many tangents.
I promise that this is the last tangent for now. Sorry about that I had a great holiday and can’t resist sharing. So lastly if you’re a Poldark fan this is for you:

Poldark Exhibition

 Winston Graham’s Notes
 Poldark Family tree
Manuscript of ‘Bella Poldark’

The next post will be my review of ‘Poldark’s Cornwall’ by Winston Graham. Sorry for the tangents,  I’m  missing Poldark so bye for now and happy reading!

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