Currently reading or a bookworm’s dilemma

I’m currently reading this book, ‘Agnes Grey’ by Anne Bronte. I’ve been meaning to read this for a while.
I love classic books and have many sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read. My favourite classic book is Jane Eyre and I love to reread Jane Austen’s works. 
I’ve read some that haven’t lived up to the hype -Great Gatsby being one. And sometimes some that are like Agnes Grey.

Some thoughts about Agnes Grey
Unlike the classics I’ve enjoyed this story does not seem to have any obvious plot, I’m reading on with no motivation, there’s no conflict to resolve. The story reads like a report and often scenes are not involving me but just reporting to me what’s going on. Characters come and go and some of the scenes are anecdotal. I mean they just occur with no warning and the characters involved have not even been mentioned before. So far Agnes has been with two families and I still have no clue what the point of this book is. The ‘heroine’ or narrative voice isn’t somebody I am relating to or feeling sympathy for. I’m starting to wish I hadn’t bothered to read it and I have her other book to read too.

So that brings me to the DILEMMA

Every now and again I read that one book that at some point in the novel I start to think- is this worth continuing with? So many other books to read and I would’ve finished it ages ago if I’d been enjoying it. I wonder will I regret not finishing it and if I continue will it get better. 
Another example of this is The Witching Hour by Anne Rice, I gave up with this book as I could not get into it and I read probably over half the book (very strange as I love her vampire chronicles series). I wish I’d preserved with that book now but at the time, like Agnes Grey now, I really wanted to put it aside and read something else. 
I’ve written about this dilemma before on book forums, probably a lot more eloquently than this post,  but I’m never prepared for it when it happens again. 
It’s so frustrating when you get that book that is annoying you so much yet you don’t want to not finish a book. 
Some people will not give up on a book, others feel that if they’re not enjoying it they won’t bother with it. 
If I’ve just started a book I will give up but when I’ve got some way through- it just ends up being a dilemma. 
So, I’m off to carry on with Agnes Grey, I might start getting frustrated and I might give up. I am going to try. Wish me luck 
Happy Reading😄

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