Review of: Poldark’s Cornwall by Winston Graham

Poldark’s Cornwall is a memoir of Winston Graham’s love and life of Cornwall. He lived in Perranporth for a time and was inspired to write his Poldark series, which I love. The book is full of historical information and anecdotes of his life as well as information for the Poldark fan (of course) about places that inspired the locations in his books and the characters.

Reading this book you don’t just gain the urgent need to discover Cornwall for yourself but you also gain an insight into the mind of this amazing writer. His humour comes across in his opinions: “Superb beaches if you could only ignore the town.” I love his honesty, that he holds nothing back in his opinions of places. He says of Tintagel that: “It’s no worse or more vulgar than Jerusalem; but to attain any sense of linkage with its mythical or semi-mythical past you have to go out of season and preferably at night when the moon is up and the wounds of cheap building are part healed by shadows.”

Although writing a factual book his writing is still as beautiful and scenic as Cornwall itself: “… which in sunshine has an emerald sea and dazzling sands, and much further east Lamorna Cove at the foots of its bracken-and fern-grown valley, the walnut brown cliffs giving depth and quality and iridescence to the sea they guard.”

This book is a great memoir of Cornwall, it’s obvious how much Winston Graham loved the place, he says that the “scenery of Cornwall that had got into my blood”. You can see for yourself how beautiful the ‘scenery of Cornwall’ is, throughout the book are stunning photographs worthy of setting on canvas and framing.

I picked this one because it’s of Boscastle where I stayed.

I dare you to read this book and not want to visit Cornwall, I booked a holiday myself and long story short I am now in love with that glorious place.
This is a must-read for any Poldark fan: it’s not a serious history of Cornwall but I’d say more of a memoir with interesting facts and anecdotes. An absorbing read: the work of a great writer!

2 thoughts on “Review of: Poldark’s Cornwall by Winston Graham”

  1. It's not a linear memoir but has anecdotes. He mentions when he first arrived and driving around Cornwall. It's not a travel guide or a history book or an autobiography but it's got hints of all those. You can't really pin it down


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