Are you ever too tired to read? This week I was, I couldn’t concentrate on the words on the page. I’m still reading: A Pair of Blue Eyes by Thomas Hardy, A Dance of Dragons by George. R. R. Martin and an ARC of The Coffin Path by Katherine Clements. I tried to post an update yesterday but the blogger app kept crashing 😦

I’ve just signed up to do the Ninja Book Swap after much thinking. I have way too many books and have had to stop buying but I couldn’t resist. I’ve signed up for the ‘trick or treat’ so you have one book you’ll love and one you won’t, which is another way for to me read out of my comfort zone. I’m so excited about it. I love the idea of buying a book for someone that might make them rethink a genre they don’t love!

Another thing I’ve been getting excited about and looking forward to this year is The All Souls Trilogy real-time read! Every year in September fans of the books start reading when the scenes in the books unfold. We chat about it in the facebook fan group and there’s even a real-time reading companion guide and the author Deborah Harkness posts on social media. Us All Souls fans are really excited this year with the news of the tv series in production and the convention in New Orleans. If you haven’t read the books join us, more info here or follow #discoveryofwitches on twitter. Can’t wait to start reading these books again! I’ve been getting ready by buying some new notebooks as most people take notes as they’re reading. I didn’t last time but I’m prepared:

No automatic alt text available.Just which one?

I’m also looking forward to the special birthday Ninja Book Box  I ordered the May box review here but this next one is extra special and I may have to treat myself again. Single box purchases haven’t opened yet but I’m tempted to subscribe.

I’m always saying to myself: you have too many books, you shouldn’t buy this or that! But now I’m thinking, well why not join the Ninja book swap and get to know other book lovers, I’ve already signed up for that and bought this jewellery I’ve been thinking about getting for ages. I worry too much.

Happy reading!

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  1. Good luck with the book swap! I tend to think you can never have too many books. 😉 I also tooootally relate to being too tired to read. 😭 I sometimes save all my reading till late at night when I have a spare moment and then MY EYES WON'T EVEN STAY OPEN. It's so frustrating! 😂😂


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