More books? Can’t resist.

I said that I wasn’t going to buy anymore books. Why:

  • I have a massive TBR list that isn’t getting any smaller
  • I have two books to read and review and reading two others, one of which will also be reviewed.

But classics don’t count do they? 

I’ve been meaning to visit this charity shop for a while and finally went after plans went awry twice. It’s in Porthcawl, which isn’t too far from where I live, it’s a charity shop called Paws and upstairs it has a massive selection of books. Including: OLD CLASSICS! I’m talking lovely old hardbacks and battered old paperbacks. Yes, I’m one of those bookworms who love old (VINTAGE) books. 
So I found these three… 

These will be added to my small collection of pretty hardbacks(more on my others in another post) I can’t wait to read more Dickens. I’ve already read Great Expectations and I have David Copperfield in paperback, I couldn’t remember at the time. But they are lovely books.

I should’ve stopped looking but:

 I have this problem: when I’m shopping for books my brain switches off, it does, I can’t even remember what books I own or need, I don’t have the willpower to say: no you don’t need anymore books. I can’t leave them behind! So I also picked up these…

…battered old paperbacks.Nothing like having classics in hardback but I also like the old paperbacks.
 I‘ve read The Mayor of Casterbridge and Far from a Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy but I didn’t own copies. I keep meaning to try reading Chaucer, so here’s an incentive it’s now on my shelf. And The Professor by Charlotte Bronte, I’ve heard about it and since Jane Eyre is one of my favourite books I keep meaning to read more of Charlotte Bronte’s books.

I did not intend to buy this many books, 

I really didn’t ! My boyfriend by this time had found a seat waiting patiently for me to finish looking, he’s not a reader. I turned to him and said ‘maybe I should put some back’. I couldn’t. 

In my defence:

I knew I wouldn’t be going to this shop again for a while and how can I resist buying more classics? It’s a charity shop and all this came to under £5 so they were all so cheap and money going to a good cause.

Classics are not the same as regular books. 

They’re just not. They are books you collect (and read! you have to read them!) it’s not as if I bought contemporary books to add to my TBR, it’s not the same I tell you. I’m adding to a collection not just a TBR (oh dear, that’s a justification I could make to any book, wish I hadn’t thought of that).

I broke my rule again! I can’t help it, I need to go to some sort of book addicts support group, however:

I did resist buying two signed books on pre-order recently and another book which looked interesting, all three advertised on twitter. 
I really don’t need anymore books now. I have plenty on my shelf and ARCs to look forward to. October reading is sorted. 

Maybe I should either stick to buying classics in hardback or paperback and not both, this is why I need rules. Or professional help like an addict. What do you think?

Do you collect classics or gorgeous hardbacks? Make me jealous! Have you told yourself you’re not going to buy more but did? Are you just as addicted as me? Or maybe you were good and had willpower, how? 😟

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