Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer

This is the trailer for the adaption of Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer, I loved this book! This was one of the first ARCs I had to review. I just looked on the lovereading page and my review from back then is on top! Click HERE to see! And there is a link to read my full review which I didn’t even realise was on this website.

My Review for Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer (from ages ago with no revisions)

“Imaginative, compulsively
readable and at times unnerving
I loved this book it dragged me
into it’s weird world and
wouldn’t let go. A unusual book,
an antidote to popular ‘normal’

“It was a test of our curiosity and
fascination which walked side by side
with our fear,” this quote from, the
book, sums up my feelings despite the
moments of unease I felt reading
particular parts my curiosity
compelled me to read on. I just had to
see what was around the next corner.
I read this book within a day as I
could not tear myself away. I found it
enigmatic and unusual, I was curious
and fascinated as to what “Area X” is,
what’s that moaning they hear at dusk? Why aren’t they being told everything
about the place? It’s unusual because the characters are not given names but
titles, this is because the book is the journal of the biologist of the group. We’re
not just told about this expedition but drawn into the mind of the biologist so
that we can understand who she is; an interesting character. Area X itself seems
like a unspoilt paradise, except it’s not a paradise there’s something unnerving
about the place, the abandoned villages, the expeditions sent in again and again
with no idea what they’re getting into it. I don’t want to say too much and spoil
the book.
I loved this book for it’s weirdness, I don’t usually like sci-fi but I forgot about
genre and I enjoyed this book for it’s ideas and style, it’s uniqueness.
I think this is one of those imaginative books you either understand (as much as
you can) and love or don’t get, which will explain some one-lined reviews on
other websites.
I am always looking for a book to drag me into it’s world, keep me there and
show me things that nobody else has, something different that stands out
against the numerous others books out there. An antidote to popular fiction.
This is one of those books”

I really recommend Annihilation which is part one of The Southern Reach Trilogy, I’ve read book two and it was just as good. Still haven’t got around to reading the third! But I read Borne this year and loved it, Jeff VanderMeer writes amazingly weird books, so unique, read my review  for Borne here.


I wrote that review for Annhilation in 2014! It was one of the first ARCs I had. It all started when I signed up to a reading panel from lovereading.co.uk .  Every now and then they’d send an email with a list of books to pick from. They only had a certain amount and I was lucky enough to get hold of a copy of Annihilation and review it. I didn’t even have a blog back then, they just asked us to submit a short review and a full review.

I had a few books from lovereading but I don’t think I saved any of my reviews, I never thought I’d end up blogging! It was only when I signed up to Netgalley that I decided to start up a blog, that was last year but I only got into it this year.

I didn’t realise that my reviews were still on lovereading, I might have to go hunt for them. I had some amazing books from that panel and if it wasn’t for lovereading would I ever have found Netgalley and decided to start blogging? Thanks lovereading.co.uk!

I can’t remember if Annihilation was my first ARC, can you remember yours?



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