The Girl In The Photograph by Kate Riordan

The Girl in the Photograph by Kate Riordan

This was another book I received from lovereading and introduced me to an author that I love. I have also read The Shadow Hour and loved it, my review of that book is here. Kate Riordan’s book are along the lines of Kate Morton, engaging stories that you can’t put down. After reading horror and supernatural books through my teens I was surprised to find ‘normal’ books that I enjoyed, I think they fit in the ‘literary fiction’ category. Another writer I love who also fits in that genre is Carlos Ruiz Zafon but more later, here’s the review from 2014; lovereading asked for a short review and then a longer review. Here’s the link to the lovereading page for this book (I will post new reviews soon, just struggling to find time to finish my books).

My Review of The Girl In The Photograph by Kate Riordan

Short review: ‘This mesmerising story draws you in. The scenes are so vivid that you feel like you’re witnessing them and that you are being told secrets that will haunt you even after you’ve turned the final page.’

I loved this book! The style is so exquisite and so vivid that I felt as though I was
witnessing each event as it happened. At times it made me nostalgic for
childhood summer days and other times reminded me of a good gothic novel. I
felt as though I was Alice’s confidante and she was telling me these haunting
secrets, the suspense carried me through until the last page, not an aggressive
suspense like that of a thriller but a mesmerising pull that grips you until you
reach the final page. By then you feel that you know these people and feel for
them even after you’ve closed the book.
This book was such a pleasure to read, now one of my favourites, and I can’t
wait to read more by Kate Riordan. I might even give this another read- once its
grip has faded a little.


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