Review: The Keeper Of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan

The Keeper of Lost Things: The feel-good novel of the year by [Hogan, Ruth]

I had this book from Bookbridgr in exchange for an honest review. I’m trying not to give  plot details  because I don’t want  to spoil it. 

The Keeper of Lost Things is a touching story with colourful and interesting characters that come alive off the page. My favourite character was Sunshine, I missed her as soon as I’d closed the book for the last time. She is such a funny and honest character. The setting was a house called Padua which was also a delight to read, it’s a lovely house even with a resident ghost, which was brilliant!

This was one of those novels that makes you both sad and hopeful, full of the ups and downs of the characters lives. Laura tries her best to fulfil Anthony’s wishes and also has to deal with an unhappy ghost. When she finds all the lost things we are treated to little stories about each one, at first I was tempted to skip over these stories but they are interesting stories on their own and they all have a meaning in the end.

We jump back in time to read Eunice’s story, her story is just as engaging as Laura’s and her friendship with Bomber is wonderful. The ending was perfect and everything fit together.

This was an enjoyable read with mystery, good characters, drama, romance and of course humour. I read a lot of gothic stories and fantasy stories but sometimes it’s lovely to read a story like this (it’s like a balm) that deals with real people and their problems because they can cut you to the core and uplift you too.




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