By Horror Haunted

I haven’t read much horror this year, something I didn’t realise until I was writing my last blog post and looking back to see what I’d read. I’m shocked, I started reading scary books when I was a child (amongst others of course) and that continued on into my teens. In honour of the season I thought I’d share my story.

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The first scary books I remember reading where the Goosebumps books. Today they have seen something of a revival. I loved the ‘give yourself goosebumps’ books, a sort of choose your own adventure book, you start reading and are asked what you would do and turn to the relevant page.

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I started reading the Point Horror books next, I can still remember how much I enjoyed reading them and how creepy some of them were. Then I just read whatever teen horror books I could get from my local library:

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I can’t really remember what all these books were about but I kept a little notebook with the books I’d read written down. Around this time I also started reading vampire books, I’ve a lot to say about these so this will be in a later post.


I discovered Stephen king reading Carrie and then various other novels until in a book sale one day I overheard someone talking about James Herbert. Before this I read anything I could get my hands on  in the library. When I started reading James Herbert I didn’t stop, now I’ve read all of his novels. He is a master storyteller and an undervalued horror writer.

Sometime inbetween I read books by Richard Laymon, but haven’t been able to get back into his stories.

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I loved horror, I love being scared (by media!) and I still enjoy them to this day. I’ve read so many that it’s impossible for me to remember which ones I’ve read. I wish I’d kept a record of all the books I read but I only kept a note of the ones that left an impression in my pre-teens.

Have you read any of these books? What were your favourites as a pre-teen/teen?



4 thoughts on “By Horror Haunted”

  1. I read a ton of the Goosebumpbs books. I still remember my mom giving me one with a red cover on Valentine’s Day. I tried to get into Christopher Pike, but I often got confused and didn’t understand subtle time and setting shifts at that age. I did read Fear Street and thought those were fun because they were “grown-up” Goosebumps. I’ve only read two Steven King novels, Pet Semetary and Misery, and those were both scary! There are some things I hear about his novels, such as the girl in the group of seven “losers” in IT who ends up having sex with all six boys to ensure their bond and wonder what the hell King was thinking (maybe this was his coked-out alcoholic phase?). I’ve read many Stephen Graham Jones books. He’s published through smaller presses, though a bit of a celeb in his own right. I love his writing when it’s clear, but some editors don’t change much in his books (and Graham himself states that he doesn’t usually change much from the first draft), which leaves in all sorts of confusing bits. I’ve promised myself I will stop buying Stephen Graham Jones books in an effort to be one of the cool kids.


    1. Not sure if I’ve heard of Stephen Graham Jones I know too many Stephens 😃 Didn’t know that about I.T.! Might read Misery and Doctor Sleep one day. So many books. I’m not concerned about cool. I just read what I like and I like weird. 😁

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  2. I haven’t read ANY of these!! Shame on me.😂 I don’t read a lot of horror…or really any horror.😂 I never get scared, but maybe I’ve been just picking bad ones?! As a pre-teen I was obsessed with fantasy and magical books, like Narnia and Rangers Apprentice. 😍 I wanted to go on allll the adventures.

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    1. Not all are scary but James Herbert books and others Ive read can be unnerving! I should’ve read the Narnia books. I still could


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