Horror Shorts

Short stories are handy for the lunch break or when you don’t have much time to read, they’re often cheap to buy as an ebook too. I don’t hear much about short stories on blogs, people mention the novels they love but  not many seem to talk about the wealth of short story anthologies that are out there (just take a look on Kickstarter).

There’s some scary stuff out there and these in no particular order my favourites:

Slightly Spooky Stories I by [Collins, Patsy]

I haven’t read this yet, so many books, but I have read other anthologies by Patsy Collins and her horror stories are chilling and stay with you. My favourite from another anthology was ‘Don’t touch the water’. You can find this book and more in both ebook and a physical book format on amazon

Minor Discord by [Laycock, Helen]

Helen Laycock’s stories are the type that give you that shock to the system with a lovely image in your head at the end “Forty-three days he had sat like this. For forty-three days he had floated in the vacuous space inside his skull.” Amazing! This anthology is a mix of short stories and flash fiction and it does not disappoint. You can find this book and more on amazon

Dark Tales is a quarterly magazine that publishes only the best in horror and speculative fiction. I stumbled upon this when I was looking for fiction markets and these are the two books that I own. Each story is so original you wonder how they could think of such horrors. You can buy them in paperback or as  ebook (very cheap) or subscribe. The paperbacks cost £2.99 and feature illustrations! You can buy from their website or amazon.

If you’re a writer you can enter their monthly competition for a chance to be published!


I’ve just got a horror story anthology which is Christmas themed! But more later, Halloween is first. If you do buy any of these please review on amazon to support these writers, all listed are independent authors and we should support them. 🙂


Do you read short fiction? Any recommendations?

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