Ninja Book Swap


This year was my first Ninja Book Swap. I signed up for the Trick or Treat, so I would receive one book I would love and one that I would not usually read.

I loved choosing and buying items to send off and was so excited to receive my own parcel. I’d forgotten that I had put Tom Hanks’ book on my wishlist and I was so happy when I ripped open the wrapping paper to discover it. My Ninja Swap Partner pointed out that it’s not something I’d usually read but I like Tom Hanks.

The treat was a YA book which I don’t usually read. I’ve been put off by the immature characters and read some I didn’t like that put me off the genre (some!). However I am excited to read this book as it’s a mix of mythical tales and I enjoy fantasy. The book itself is gorgeous, the illustrations inside are amazing, I love pretty books!

Also included in the parcel was a gift: a dragon glass arrow head necklace, if you’re not a Games of Thrones fan (why not!?) dragon glass is a very important weapon (I’m being wary of spoilers). I have been looking at arrow head necklaces in the past year because a character in my favourite trilogy: The All Souls Trilogy, also has an arrow head necklace and I loved the idea.


Thanks again Arielle! I am so happy with my Ninja Swap 🙂




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