Ninja Book Box Unboxing


It’s that exciting time of year, no not Christmas, it’s time for the next Ninja Book Box! This is only my second box, I bought my first box back in April it was the Magical Lands box you can see my unboxing for that one here.  

This is box one of my yearly subscription! Please excuse the photos I’ve never been good at taking them and I’m always impressed by other bloggers who have amazing photos.

This is Ninja Book Box’s birthday box, it’s been a year since it all started on Kickstarter and I wish I’d known all about it then! Ninja Book Box is all about supporting independent publishers, authors and businesses, everything in the box has been made by an independent company. It’s a great idea and so much effort goes into every box and I’m so grateful to Bex, the Ninja Book Box creator, for all the effort and the ideas that go into every box! We need to support out independent businesses they offer so much and often get forgotten about.

Bex has also started a challenge for 2018 to encourage everyone to buy and read more books by independent publishers and this is something I am definitely doing, more on that in the future. If you want to know more about Ninja Book Box (there’s also a book club) visit the website here.

So with out further ado….



This box was amazing! The theme for this month was Into The Future and as usual I had a lovely welcome message and the usual recipe card (ooh biscuits), the cute charm which is Uranus, and the spoilers envelope which I will not open until I’ve read the book.


Being a subscriber I was also given a free ebook download for: The Stars Seem So Far Away, from Fox Spirit Books, as a thank you. And a swag pack with: a coaster, bookmark, keyring (and bottle opener), mirror and badge. Fox Spirit Books are an independent publisher:

“Fox Spirit believes that day to day life lacks a few things. We need the fantastic, the magical, the mischievous and even a touch of the horrific to stave off the banal and humdrum.

Let a little Fox Spirit into your life as the skulk brings you stories full of wonder and mischief delivered with a sharp bite”

Sounds good to me! (Just sent the book to my Kindle, more on that later as usual my battery is dead and my computer doesn’t want me to use it either… Need a new one)


Next: Futuristic Foam: a handmade Ozone, Citrus and Sea glitter soap. who doesn’t love bath stuff! 🙂  A lovely string of books (can I get away with putting this on my Christmas tree?). A mask with a note saying there’s three ways I can use it: take a photo of myself wearing it with anything indie/Ninja Book related, take a photo of myself wearing it reading a book and “Wear your mask around your house and jump out at people (not when they’re carrying hot drinks) shouting ‘ninja!'” 🙂

There’s always a mystery with some of the gifts and when you read the book you understand the significance because of that this box just keeps on giving.


This was my favourite gift! I love story cubes, the idea is you roll the cubes and then write a story using the pictures on the cubes as inspiration. I’ve always wanted my own set being a writer, these are the cure to writers’ block and fun. Writing should be fun! These are made by Imagination Igniters and they do more in their etsy shop! The cubes here are, in keeping with the theme, futuristic with planets, aliens and an astronaut, a comet and some everyday items along with a magic wand.


The mug came with this note: “We loved the idea of stories serving as a warning for the future and the thought that the future is in the hands of current and future generations. This can be scary or it can be inspiring and we’ve chosen to be inspired by it! Some of you might recognise this gift if you backed our Kickstarter, and we thought it would be amazing to include this new version in our first birthday box.”

Myself, I find it a little bit scary but I want to be inspired! And what’s more inspiring: Ninja Book Box was started with the help of regular people giving money on Kickstarter and now it’s come full circle as the book included in the box was also funded by Kickstarter.


In all the excitement at opening gifts I almost forgot about the book! (Hope I didn’t forget anything else) But here it is 2084 a specially commissioned anthology from Unsung Stories:Unsung Stories are publishers of literary and ambitious speculative fiction that defies expectation. We publish stories that you’ll never forget, from the varied worlds of genre fiction – science-fiction, fantasy, horror, and all the areas in-between. “ What they do: “Weird stories, beautifully told.” My kinda story: weird!

I’m filled with a sense of foreboding when I read the blurb on the back of the book, which is echoed in the message that came with the mug about being afraid of the future. This just makes me want to read the book more, and I will be reviewing it in an upcoming blog post, some time in the future.

Words can not express how much I love this Ninja Book Box and I am so happy that I’ve subscribed as it keeps getting better. Thanks you! I can’t wait to learn more about the businesses and publishers supported and start reading the books!


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