Howards End by E. M. Forster

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This isn’t my copy of Howard’s End, I had my copy from a charity shop in Truro in July. I’m surprised that I’ve actually now read two books I bought in July, usually they end up on my shelf for a while unless I start them straight away. This is my copy:


I love buying old classic books. I bought this  because I liked E. M. Forster’s other book A Room With A view. I only started reading Howard’s End because there was a tv adaption on the bbc recently and I got sucked into it and really enjoyed it. My only problem was at the end I was left wondering what was the point of the story?

My Review of Howard’s End by E. M. Forster

Reading a classic book is akin to wrapping up in a favourite blanket, with a hot soothing drink and a gorgeous fire burning in the grate. (I don’t have a fire but you catch my drift.)

Reading Howard’s End I enjoyed the characters and the themes and like A Room With A View there’s a lot of reading between the lines. The novel feels like a theory or a lesson about life, our life or maybe life as it was during Forster’s time? However it’s completely organic and it’s not a novel written just for the sake of the message/theme, it’s also an engaging drama/story.

The language is very poetic and the story, while not seeming to have a definite plot, has drama and problems enough to keep me reading on until the last page. And I cared about the characters and wanted to read on to see what happened next.

The tv series was almost an exact replica of the book, give or take a scene. It is very faithful but as with most adaptions it can never really capture or reproduce the ambience, the mood of the book. The ending of the series left me confused, I didn’t get it. But the ending of the book made perfect sense to me, everything just seemed to come full circle.

Will you enjoy this book? I love classic books. This is a book about characters, there’s no racing blockbuster plot but it’s also not a yarn with excessive description. E. M. Forster writes naturally a story with characters that live off the page and a tale that seems to write itself.


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