Beat The Backlist: thoughts on my Backlist

Currently Reading: three books, only one counts as a backlist book it is: Uncommon Type by Tom Hanks.

My backlist is here it’s mainly books I’ve bought over the years and haven’t got around to reading.  There may be more to list but I have to sort through my books (at the moment my nasty cold has zapped my energy so it’s something I have to put off again).

Master of Shadows by Neil Oliver and Three Quarters of an Orange by Joanne Harris are examples of books I’ve bought in bulk which I wanted at the time but never really felt like reading them!

The Poldark series and Song of Ice and Fire series are books I am looking forward to and would’ve read anyway.

But the main challenge for me is reading the books I keep piling up but never want to read, usually one’s I’ve bought at the same time that I really wanted but never got in the mood to read for whatever reason. Impulse buys?

It might seem silly because I could just give them all away but… I can’t do that!  It’s like an addiction.

There are two books on this list I’m not sure of:


I bought The Alchemist because it’s one of those ‘must-read’ books and I’m concerned that it won’t live up to the hype. I thought about reading it but never actually sat down and committed to it beyond reading the first page to see if it hooks me.

I have mixed thoughts about Diary of a Young Girl, it seems wrong to criticise this book but again I’m wondering if I’ll enjoy it so it’s one I have put off. That and I know it’s going to be a sad book to read, however it’s something that I really want to read.

Sometimes I feel like I need to get myself in the mood to read books like reading the positive reviews or watching the film/tv adapation and then just stick with it. I do read books I’ve bought straight away sometimes: usually when I’ve read the first page and can’t put it down so have had to buy it. I had that with Foxlowe by Eleanor Wasserberg last year (there’s be others in the past too).

Maybe if I read two I can treat myself to a book off list, I keep meaning to read Catcher in the Rye or maybe reread a favourite! That’s a good incentive, as long as I use the library and don’t buy more!

Do you have any books you’ve bought but for some reason have not started reading? Any thoughts on my backlist?


5 thoughts on “Beat The Backlist: thoughts on my Backlist”

    1. I usually say ‘no more books’ and then don’t stick to it but having no room for books and stacks to read is good motivation. And I’ve been looking for read a longs too that’s good encouragement. I do have more books coming -signed up for a book fairy and I have a Ninja Book Swap… more on that in my next blog post which you’ve just inspired thanks:) . Honestly I’ve only started one on my tbr so far ….


  1. I read The Alchemist and I will admit that I didn’t enjoy it all that much. That could just be me. I didn’t know there was this big hype about this book and was recommended it by somebody I knew. After reading it I was left wondering why. Sorry.

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    1. Don’t apologise 😊 we all have different tastes and opinions. It’s one of those books that people say ‘change your life’ I think I need to try it for myself and find out if I like it


  2. The books on my backlist are definitely piling up! But hopefully I’ll get into a chunk of them when I go on holiday next month.
    A song of ice and fire is one of my favourite series!

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