A Confession

A comment on my last blog post about my Beat The Backlist Challenge from Jared@DABOOKCLUB inspired this post. Jared said: “Good post! I love that you are getting them done! Unlike you, I just keep getting more and more.” 

Thanks for the comment 🙂

I have to confess. I did say that I’m not buying anymore books and I haven’t since my last spend right after Christmas, which is when I said I’M NOT ALLOWED TO BUY MORE and I’m not buying more.

However, (I haven’t bought more!)


I signed up to a Book Fairy ring on a forum I love readitswapit in December, the original swap site shut down due to technical issues so someone had the idea to do this. The idea is you send a pre-loved book,  every quarter I think. This is the book I received!

I still haven’t broken my rule, I didn’t buy it and I signed up before I said ‘no more buying books’

In February I receive my next Ninja book box! You can find my review for my last box here. That’s the box where I had the book ‘2084’ (which I may have forgotten to add to my backlist!) And in the first box I ever bought I had ‘Dragon’s Green’ you can see my review and find a link to my unboxing here

This still doesn’t count as buying books because I subscribed last year and it doesn’t count!

I love the idea of a book subscription box I really want to buy one I’ve just seen on twitter from Wildest Dreams, after seeing this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTuENtApxv0&feature=youtu.be it’s a YA book (don’t read much of YA I need to read more)  and a bath gift and tea every month. But I’m not going too, I have my backlist and my Ninja Book Box, which I love!

Both my Ninja Book Box and the fairy book ring are surprises and may help my willpower because you can’t always avoid the bookshops. The Ninja Book Box is great because its little gifts, supporting indie shops and publishers and so much thought goes into each box and it’s great having a surprise book, knowing it’s been pre-approved and it may not have been something I’d have picked out myself, so I’m broadening my horizons expanding my reading and maybe even getting out of my comfort zone. Sorry… I can’t stop going on about it.

So although I said: I’M NOT BUYING MORE BOOKS!

I’M NOT  I still am getting books, but it’s only every quarter! So really it doesn’t count, but in the interests of being accountable I thought I’d mention in. Too honest me!

Oh, and I did support a project on Kickstarter called The Eden Book Society  the first novella is out in April though, more on that another day. It’s amazing! Again, this was before so it doesn’t count and I’m helping out a book project. (see too honest!)

Update: Nearly finished The Lord of the Rings: Two Towers, so deciding what book to start next off my backlist….thoughts appreciated 🙂


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