Review: Paisley Shirt by Gail Aldwin

Paisley Shirt by [Aldwin, Gail]

Description from Amazon:

‘Paisley Shirt’ is a fascinating collection of 27 stories that reveal the extraordinary nature of people and places. Through a variety of characters and voices, these stories lay bare the human experience and what it is like to live in our world.

My Review

True to the description ‘Paisley Shirt’ offers a variety of short stories: ‘Accidental Brother’ is a sad story of soldiers invading the lives of innocent people, a story that will open your eyes to the lives of the characters and make you think long after reading.  ‘Games’ was one of the stories that had an end that left you thinking. Some have surprising endings like ‘At The Restaurant’ which was funny. The characters vary as much as the plot of each story: people in a hostel, a lady visiting a different country, a teenager and a ‘Aethopian Maid’ to name a few.

Each story is a snapshot into these peoples lives that strike a chord within you. The writing is very immersive and engaging, I love the descriptions and how much Gail Aldwin can convey in such a short space of time.

I enjoyed these stories so much that I finished the book in one sitting, I turned the last page and was shocked that it was the end, because the stories were so engrossing and the writing itself so eloquent I could not stop reading.

There were those that I did not understand, two entries: one about ‘Breastfeeding’ which was information about breastfeeding and one called ‘Packing’ that featured a list of items. But don’t let that put you off because this anthology is a delight to read and it may just be me 🙂

This is one of those times when I really can’t explain how amazing the writing is, you’ll just have to read it for yourself.

You can buy this as an ebook on Amazon, here it was published on 03/02/18 I received an ARC direct from the author in exchange for an honest review.

About the Author

Gail Aldwin is a prize-winning writer of flash fiction, short stories, and poetry. Her work can be found online at Ink, Sweat & Tears and Slamchop and in print anthologies including What I Remember (EVB Press, 2015) Dorset Voices (Roving Press, 2012) and The Last Word (Unbound Press, 2012). Gail works collaboratively with other women writers to develop comedy for the screen and stage. With the Dorset Writers’ Network, Gail supports isolated writers in rural communities. She is an experienced teacher who delivers workshops to young people and adults in community settings. You can find Gail @gailaldwin and http://gailaldwin.wordpress.com

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