Ninja Book Box Unboxing


It’s that time again and wow what good timing! The theme for this box is COLD AS ICE and well it’s cold out there. The country has come to a standstill, even the place I work is shut with only a dusting of snow on the ground, with a red alert for very bad snow to come within the next few hours. It’s given me some time to update my blog though!



This box contained the usual spoilers envelope, a lovely little charm- a snowflake- and the usual recipe which is for Baked Alaska. I have no idea what it is -besides a dessert- but it’s relevant to the book which is set in Alaska. And there’s the little Welcome message:


The items in this box were handmade making this box quite special and different to the others and you can’t but appreciate again the effort that is put into each box. Here’s the book:


Dead of Winter is described as

“a fast-paced, darkly funny crime novel set in interior Alaska that follows down-on-his-luck cabbie, Mike Fisher, as he searches for his daughter, her step-father has been shot in her bathroom and Fisher thinks she killed him and fled, In a panic he tries to hide the body, but that’s not easy when it’s fifty-below outside”

Wow! I can always trust the Ninjas to send a book that I would not think of picking for myself, (which is why I love doing book swaps too, variety) it sounds funny and I don’t think I’ve read a book set in Alaska. I’ve been itching to read more crime lately (Sherlock Holmes!)  I swear sometimes they can just read your mind and know what you’ll love. I haven’t read the last book though and currently reading three, oh dear so not sure if I should start this yet 😦

And then we come to the little gifts 🙂


Apologies for my terrible photography skills. They’ve made a survival kit: The timing! A pair of handwarmers: I’m guessing handmade and very well made a perfect fit! A tub of lanolin balm, from Little Beau Sheep.

The chocolate is lime and dark chocolate and from Kentish chocolate and it didn’t last long, lovely! Citrus and chocolate what a good combination. The other gift is another one put together by the Ninjas, in keeping with the survival kit idea it’s a glass jar (don’t we love them) filled with thread and buttons, it’s a sewing kit!

Again you can’t but appreciate the effort and creativity that goes into each box. This is a lot different from the others as it’s all handmade the idea is great and the timing! It just all worked out well!

I have unboxings of previous Ninja Book Boxes on here too if you want any more info (handy search box on the right) or click the link here to visit the website 🙂

Always a pleasure to have a Ninja Book Box! I love books subscription boxes. I’ve only subscribed to this one but love unboxings posts



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