Raven Black by Anne Cleeves

Raven Black (Shetland Book 1) by [Cleeves, Ann]

Raven Black is a riveting novel: when you turn the page to find out what happened next the viewpoint changes to keep you guessing and keep you reading. I could not stop and finished reading within four days.

I don’t read much crime but this book has convinced me to read more. I usually prefer slower paced stories with a depth of setting and character that is not the norm for crime novels. (I could be wrong!) But I needed something different, something faster paced and this was perfect.

It begins with the viewpoint of Magnus who ends up being the prime suspect and you think surely it can’t be him because he’s a viewpoint character. The mystery/narrative  twists and turns so when you think you know whodunnit another piece of evidence gives you food for thought. The pace of this novel suited me perfectly and I enjoyed the constant suspense and mystery. In the end I thought I knew who the murderer was and I was convinced but then something happened and proved me wrong. I loved this.

I loved the compelling characters and the atmosphere of the story- the island setting of Shetland. It felt more than just a whodunit/mystery because of how realistic the characters and their lives were (it had the depth that general fiction has as well as an intriguing mystery). I would like to continue reading this series at some point to find out what’s going to happen in Inspector Perez’s life. I didn’t think I’d ever want to continue a crime series!

Raven Black is an excellent crime novel that keeps you guessing and you won’t be able to figure out who the murderer is. Trust me.


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