Thoughts on Writing: Things I am not good at

I know we are all our own worst critic, no idea who said that. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and I always worry about the things that I am not good at and how it will affect my writing. I’m sure every writer does.

Novel Writing Problems:

  • Thinking of characters names, they are often called ‘friend’ or ‘name’ until I can think of one.
  • Thinking of place names- I had a lovely place name then I realised it didn’t mean (in Welsh) what I thought so now I don’t. I could spend ages looking for names but that’s time better spent writing
  • I have no idea where the places are in my story, ok yes, I know where they are, in this village but I can’t draw a map and this is something I definitely need to fix so it doesn’t end up being a huge error in the book- but I’m still discovering my world so that might be something I could put off until the edit
  • I am so disorganised! I am not a planner and I don’t write in order. I keep everything in a file on my laptop and an actual file.
  • I don’t write in order! This is a problem because I’m sure I’ll miss something important or end up with reams and reams of notes trying to remind me of something
  • I worry too much!
  • Although I am inspired by pictures I find it hard to picture my characters in my head completely. I have pictures on a pinterest board (no, it’s secret) that represent them. I have basic description just nothing specific like shape of face/nose. This is either not important or something I can work on later

So some of these problems are things I need not worry about (worry about worrying) until the edit. But I can’t help but feel that I really need to get a handle on these things, or find solutions. But when you are stuck for time you really want to be moving the story on and not spending hours deciding on a name (because I can’t make decisions either)

I started keeping a chart with details of my minor characters, but I forget to update it! When you’re in the zone/writing flow you are too scared to stop unless the words stop.

Short story problems:

  • Having an idea and a start but no ending or middle.
  • Having too many ideas for one story
  • Getting stuck in the editing stage and not knowing when to stop

My actual problem:

  • Trying to write a novel and finish short stories to send out to magazines/competitions (giving myself too much to do)
  • Worrying too much and being negative (sorry!)
  • My brain doesn’t work sometimes


  • Stop worrying
  • Prioritise
  • How do you know when to stop editing?
  • Find more solutions


Share your thoughts, don’t be shy.

Happy Writing!

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Writing: Things I am not good at”

  1. I think these are all very hugely relatable writer problems!! I definitely struggle with names. I’ll write whole outlines (like 20K long haha) and still not have names?!? Names are haaaard. I do generally have a good clear idea of my settings, but even when I’m writing contemporary I make up the town so I don’t accidentally mess anything up in a real place. 🙊And it’s hard to stop editing!! I think you get to a point where you know you’ve done all you can do, and then you get opinions? (But I literally finished editing 3 days ago and now I’m starting on the same book again ahhhh.😫😂)

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