Thoughts on writing: how to keep on writing

When your writing life is a bit cloudy or filled with rain, what do you do to dig down and keep on writing?

We all have our ups and downs, things can get in the way: life, triedness, stress. Some days I’m writing a story and I’ll be thinking ‘this is great’ and other days I’ll think ‘this is terrible’. We all have our little problems that can bring us down when writing I wrote about mine in a recent blog post, you can find it here But  despite these issues I keep going. I think that’s the most important thing to keep on keeping on. 

Know when to push yourself and know when to take a break.

I try to remember to be kind to myself, to know when I need to stop and take a break, letting go of the worrying about not getting things done. I know when I go back it will be easier after taking some time to do something else.

I need to trust that I will get it done!

The more I write I realise that I will get the story or novel finished. I never used to be a productive writer but I kept trying and forced myself to write or tried to get inspired and now I find myself writing at times I never would’ve before- like after a long shift at work.

What can you do to keep going?

  • Find writing quotes. I bought a book but you can find many online, find the ones that resonate with you, write them down and when you’re stuck read them.
  • Listen to music when you write to get into the characters mood or the atmosphere of the story
  • When  are you most productive? Morning or evening? Write then to make it easier for yourself
  • Let yourself write drivel, stick with it and the words will come
  • Don’t worry about how terrible the first draft is. That’s stopped me finishing novels in the past, just keep going you can change it in the editing.
  • Find a friendly ear to listen to your problems, find someone to read your work to help you when you’re stuck.
  • Join National Novel Writing Month. I’ve joined the Camp National Novel Writing Month this April, you get the support of your camp cabin and then you get the feeling of accomplishment when you’ve won/met your goal at the end of the month
  • Little successes can really boast your confidence so make smaller goals as well as big ones. Today I read over a short story I’ve been dreading editing.
  • Find some blogs or youtube videos to help when you are stuck. I love reading writing blogs.

Find a community

Find a local writing group. Or if you can’t do that find a forum or some writers on twitter and follow them.  The writing community has always been supportive, never judging and always understanding when you’re having a minor crisis (or melt down). Giving wise words of advice and sometimes a kick in the butt.

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Here’s some links:





What do you do when you’re struggling?

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on writing: how to keep on writing”

  1. Great list of ideas here! I like to push on through when my writing lags, but I’m too eager for excuses to “take a break” when I’m editing. That’s my struggle!
    My IWSG Post

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