Reaching your CampNaNoWriMo (or any) writing goal

Life happens, it’s a sure thing and for me something always gets in the way of me meeting my writing goals. I started writing this knowing I had 3,715 words left to write to reach my 10,000 word count goal to win CampNaNoWriMo. It might not seem like much to some writers, my word count fluctuates, I get weeks where I can write 2,000 words in one sitting and then just 500. That’s normal. I haven’t been meeting my weekly writing goals, and now I’m sprinting to the end because I WILL DO THIS!


I go through a stage of a panic and worry that I will never reach my goals. After that moment has passed, I think how can I do this? My solution was to write a list of scenes I could write that would help me to get to my goal.

What else could you do?

  • Think of an amazing prize you could buy yourself when you reach your goal (the goal itself for me is motivation enough right now and  nothing I want)
  • Stop using social media or watching that tv programme and instead write
  • Write in short bursts, writing 500 words a day is more managable than 1,000 in one sitting
  • Get support or a buddy. I have a cabin and NaNoWriMo forums where I’ve shared my woes, sometimes just saying the problem can really help
  • Positive thinking?
  • Write somewhere different, go outside or write by hand. I have a typewriter and it’s more fun using it although my typing is bad, but you could use different coloured pens or write in a fun notebook
  • Be kind to yourself. In the end you tried and you know if you tried or not, you only really answer to yourself.  Try not to be too harsh if you don’t reach your goal we are all different. At the end of month feel proud of what you have achieved and learn from it. Do you need a lower goal? Or maybe you are taking on too much? What have you learnt that can help you to do better next time?

These have worked for me and now- after writing this post- I am so close to the finish line and reaching my goal, these are my CampNaNoWriMo stats for today (24/04/18 12:08 GMT)

I am so close. 🙂

Did you do CampNaNoWriMo this year? How’s yours going?

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