Dead Of Winter by Gerri Brightwell


I got this book from Ninja Book Box, it’s an indie read but probably not something I would’ve thought to read only because I don’t usually read crime but I do try to read a wide range of books these days. The synopsis is interesting:

“A fast-paced, darkly funny crime novel set in Interior Alaska that follows down-on-his-luck cabbie, Mike Fisher, as he searches for his daughter. Her step-father has been shot in her bathroom, and Fisher thinks she killed him and fled. In a panic he tries to hide the body, but that’s not easy when it’s fifty-below outside. Things get dangerously complicated when it turns out step-dad was part of a local militia, and now they’re on Fisher’s tail. Dead of Winter evokes the harshness of winter in the ­­­sub-arctic and the intrigue fostered in a bored, trapped and socially circumscribed small-town community” – from GoodReads

My thoughts

Dead Of Winter is set in Alaska, it follows cab driver Fisher who gets a voicemail from his daughter, she’s in trouble and needs his help. The best thing about this novel is the atmosphere- how the cold of Alaska is written, you can almost feeling it creeping into your bones as you read.

The character of Fisher is an everyday man, he’s just trying to do his best, to make a living and help his daughter but life knocks you down. He’s not a super hero or some military man with amazing skills, he’s just Fisher and he does try, that makes him more likeable, the fact that he’s a normal man and he does worry that this will all end badly, that he won’t be able to help his daughter.

The story is riveting, we’re pulled in by the realistic characters and the chilling (literally) atmosphere, and the mystery of what’s happened to his daughter and what’s been going on. Along the way learning about Fisher and discovering more about the people in his life.

It’s described as “A fast-paced, darkly funny crime novel” it is definitely fast-paced, there were some moments of humour but the events were serious so I don’t think I’d consider it a funny book. Classing it as a crime novel does not really do this book justice, there’s more to it than that.   It’s a gem of a novel and I’d recommend it to anyone who isn’t overly squirmish or sensitive.

My favourite things about this book: the realism of the characters and the intense atmopshere of the setting. And amazing writing!!!


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