Guest Post Series: My Favourite Literary Character by Bridie

This week it’s Bridie from Bridie’s Book Abyss turn to share her favourite literary character, thank you Bridie.

Skulldugger Pleasant

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Skulduggery Pleasant is a gun wielding, Bentley driving, fine suit wearing, magical detective. Also he’s dead. Literally. He is a walking, talking, fire throwing skeleton. And he is the best damn character in the world.

He is an elemental, which means he is able to control and conjure the elements to help him in his daily battles against the bad guys. Although as we get further into the series we learn that his magic abilities don’t just end at fire, water, air and earth…

With a velvet Irish accented voice, the quickest wit around and seemingly endless charm, it is impossible not to fall in love with Skulduggery Pleasant.


Books featured in

Skulduggery Pleasant series by Derek Landy.

1 Skulduggery Pleasant

2 Playing with Fire

3 The Faceless Ones

4 Dark Days

5 Mortal Coil

6 Death Bringer

7 Kingdom of the Wicked

7.5 The Maleficent Seven

8 Last Stand of the Dead Men

8.5 Armageddon Outta Here

9 The Dying of the Light

10 Resurrection

11 Midnight (Released May 31th!)

 When did you first read this character? 

I cannot remember exactly what age I was when I was introduced to Skulduggery Pleasant. I believe it was early double digits either 12 or 13. In a rare show (back then) of sibling social interaction; my little sister said you “You should read this book, it’s about a Skeleton Detective”. “Sounds awful” I thought, but appreciated the gesture so decided to give it a go. From the first few chapters I was absolutely hooked, and I am still a Skulduggery Fan girl to this very day.

Confession time. Despite being old enough to know better, I spent many hours trying to do elemental magic as described in this book. You know. Just in case.

 Why do you like this character? 

He is suave and debonair, with the sharpest wit I’ve ever read in a character. He is utterly hilarious, dry as a bone (pun intended), and the first (and one of the only) book character to genuinely make me laugh out loud. But he is also one of the most genuinely dark characters I have ever read. He has a severely tortured past, and (as an immortal skeleton) he has to deal the reality of living with these memories and regrets for eternity. I find it hilarious that this book, which is classed as 9-12 children’s fiction, has some serious darkness that most ‘adult books’ WISH they had. I love a character who can make you laugh hysterically, but who is also quite frightening in their unpredictability and sense of justice and repentance.

I’ve never wanted to be a book character more than I want to be Valkyrie Cain. Purely so I get to hang out with Skulduggery Pleasant everyday. (The magic would be cool too)

 Has the book been adapted to film/tv? 

Not as of yet, but there has been talk for years of it being made into a film by Warner Brothers. Although I hope it isn’t. I love it so much that I can’t bare the possibility for it being ruined by a film. Also if I can’t play Valkyrie Cain then NOBODY CAN.


Can I quote a whole book? No?

Skulduggery Pleasant is an insanely quotable character. So I’ve tried to narrow it down to my absolute favourites.

 “Doors are for people with no imagination” 

 “We’re not retreating, we’re advancing in reverse.” 

 “What is it?” Stephanie whispered. “That, my dear Valkyrie, is what we call a monster.” She looked at Skulduggery. “You don’t know what it is, do you?” “I told you what it is, it’s a horrible monster. Now shut up before it comes over here and eats us.” 

 “I’m sophisticated, charming, suave and debonair, professor. But I have never claimed to be civilised.” 

 “Only a heathen would bring a gun to a sword fight.” “And only a moron would bring a sword to a gun fight.” 

 “The world is bigger than you know, and scarier than you might imagine. The only currency worth anything is being true to yourself, and the only goal worth seeking is finding out who you truly are.” 


About Bridie


My name is Bridie and I am a self-confessed Bookmaggot. I am also largely sarcastic and cynical but that is neither here nor there. Aside from being a bibliophile I am a professional Actress and Singer. And on top of all that I work part-time as a Bookseller in one of London’s largest bookshops. It’s safe to say that I know my way around a bookshelf. But that wasn’t always the case.

When I was little, I struggled with reading, and was always a few steps behind the level I should have been for my age. Even into my late teens I always felt drawn towards books, but would shy away from the commitment of reading. Then in my early twenties a well-placed recommendation sent me down a spiral. (BEWARE – uncharacteristically soppy sentences ahead) – it left one of those gaping holes inside that only a great book can leave and the only way to fill it seemed to be to search for a replacement. Except then I found another book that ripped my soul and another and still another. Until suddenly, I was an infinite crevasse of paper and ink. Children were screaming. Men were crying. The Aztecs said ‘I told you so’ as the world was sucked into the abyss of my book-lust. (I’m passionate and overdramatic and you’ll just have to be okay with that).

So let’s talk books. We all know that everyone has a genre (don’t lie) that is their comfort blanket. Mine is Fantasy and YA Fantasy. But that doesn’t mean my blog is going to be all magic and wizards; oh no my friend; because I also dabble in 9-12 fiction, general fiction and even the occasional classic *quelle intellect*. One of my personal goals for this year is to branch out and read books that I would never have chosen before, namely sci-fi and non-fiction. So we can share the struggles and triumphs of that journey together on my blog, whilst holding hands (you don’t have to hold my hand if you don’t want to, just thought it might be nice).

SO – If you’d like to hear my opinion on some of the books I’ve read in the form of shining/brutally scathing reviews. If you’d like to hear my various recommendations and reading lists. If you’d like to hear my funny and enraging bookseller tales… Welcome to my Book Abyss.

Twitter: @bridiebookabyss 



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