My Favourite Literary Character by Hannah

Thank you to Hannah from A Cup Of Wonderland for joining in with my guest series. 

“I am very excited to be writing this post on my favourite literary characters and a huge thank you to Jen inviting me to take part in this project of hers. Now I just have to say I have a great many literary characters who I adore but unfortunately I could only pick one to showcase so here we go!” 


Introduction to the Character: 

The character which I have picked to showcase is Death. Yes, it does sound strange that Death is a character but he is in Marcus Zusak’s novel The Book Thief, which I completely adore and it is certainly a book which is due a reread.

 When did you first read about this character?  

When I first encountered the character of Death, it was when I actually watched the film adaptation of the Book Thief. Which pushed me to pick up the book, which I finished in a single sitting at 2am in the morning. Death is actually not only a character but the narrator of The Book Thief, which in case you haven’t read is a novel set during Nazi rule in Germany following a young girl called Liesl as she learns to read, steal books and help hide a jew on the run.

 Why do you like this character? 

I think what attracts me to a character like Death is because of how articulate he is. The film at one point depicts him as a sophisticated man with a bowler hat and walking stick, creating a quite elegant figure. Zusak makes Death become civilised opposed to the image which can be imprinted on your mind that Death is a villian who will steal life freely. Really in The Book Thief, Death becomes somewhat humanised.

 Best moment:  

Throughout the novel we see Death become fascinated with the tale of Liesel and her own adventures particularly as he visits her more and more due to the death around her. But I think particularly with Death, his best moment is that he doesn’t appear to be prejudice against anyone throughout the novel, rather he allows them to move on. He’s neither villain or hero.

 Worst moment: 

I don’t think there is a worst moment for Death, I don’t think we can begrudge him for taking those who have died as that is simply his job.

 Has the book been adapted? 

Yes, The Book Thief has been adapted into a film. Death is actually played by Roger Allam and he is truly the perfect choice in portraying the character.


I think the only quote which comes to mind is the most significant and is actually the final line of the book.

“I am haunted by humans”


About Hannah

Hi, my name is Hannah and I blog over at acupofwonderland.com. My blog consists mainly of books but others things which are important to me – particularly Disney, Star Wars and odd stories about my life. Huge thank you to Jen for inviting me to take part in this series and the chance to talk about one of my favourite literary characters. 


Thank you Hannah.

I enjoyed the The Book Thief and the character of Death was what makes this book stand out. I’d recommend it. Haven’t watched the film properly yet but the book is better.


3 thoughts on “My Favourite Literary Character by Hannah”

  1. Thank you again Jen for inviting me to take part in your series! I had a lot of fun thinking back to the character of Death and why I enjoyed reading him so much!

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