I haven’t been reading many books lately, so there haven’t been frequent reviews here,  I’ve been busy and:

I’ve been catching up with my Poldark books before the new series starts tomorrow 🙂

I managed to read the rest of this book in about a week! I didn’t think I could do it!

I love the Poldark series and the books. I will admit: I didn’t read the book first!Image result for poldark

I watched the series, (maybe because I remember Aidan Turner from Being Human) loved it and it led me to the amazing books by Winston Graham. His writing is  atmospheric and … it’s amazing!!!  Then last year I visited Cornwall. I hadn’t been since I was a child and it’s strange how I never saw anything about Poldark back then.

Cornwall for me, when I was younger and visiting for the first time, was The Mists Of Avalon country (Tintagel) and Daphne De Maurier (Jamaica Inn I read then possibly bought during my visit).

Image result for the mists of avalon bookImage result for jamaica inn book

But now it’s Poldark country. Of course Cornwall is more than that, it’s a beautiful place. I stay in Boscastle and last yr I visited a Poldark exhibition in Truro museum and Charlestown where they filmed the Truro scenes. (You can see my blog post about my holiday last year here)

I going back  again this yr and hope to go to Bodmin jail where they also did some filming. I love Cornwall. It’s funny how books can be so connected with a place.

Boscastle is also a Thomas Hardy town. You wonder when you wander around if you are following in his footsteps. It’s where he met his wife and wrote A Pair Of Blue Eyes, the main character is based on her.  The book is set in Boscastle but the places have been disguised (Castle Boterel). I bought a copy from Boscastle last year, I’d never heard of it before despite being a Hardy fan. There’s a memorial stone for his wife in the grounds of a chapel in Boscastle.

Of course Dorest is true Hardy country I’ve been to Swanage and Weymouth but not to any places connected to Hardy.

Do you have any books that connect you to a place?

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova is my favourite book, it connects me to one of my other favourite places Tenby in Pembrokshire because it was where I bought it and the first place I read it. I don’t have any other books connected to Tenby unless you count the history book I still haven’t read. I need to find more, or write one 😉

Excited for the return of Poldark on BBC1 tomorrow at 9pm!!!! Any Poldark fans out there?






5 thoughts on “Poldark”

  1. I’ve been meaning to read the Poldark books for ages, partly because I love Cornwall too, but also because I really want to watch the TV series (I still always think of Aidan Turner as Mitchell from Being Human!), but I’d like to read the books first. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying them! 🙂

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    1. That’s where I first seen Aiden. I loved Being Human. Poldark is a brilliant drama-currently waiting for it to start as I type this ☺

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