Writing Wednesday: progress?

I won’t keep going on about not having time to write or to read and keep up with blogging. Although I honestly don’t know how you do it!

I did make some progress this week but not much.

paper pen write study desk education school black and white

There’s this worry I have that I will never be productive with my writing and as each month passes where I haven’t met my goal I worry and try again and again.

Sometimes like recently a lack of time and energy has been my problem. And I wondered if I’d ever get any writing done. But then one morning I was itching to write…. If I haven’t written in a while I’ll get this urge to, I just have to! I sat down with no idea what to write but after reading what I wrote last I continued with the story I’ve been writing.

It still doesn’t have a middle or end because I don’t have the idea yet. Brains work in odd ways.

Whilst not having time to write maybe the best thing to do is keep open to ideas and relax. Enjoy the free time when you get it. Enjoy the sunshine and maybe something will spark an idea and you’ll be ready when you have time again.

Time, clock, beach.

Thanks for reading. I’m on holiday soon so it’s going to continue to be a quiet blog. Crossing my fingers that I find time or find a way to fit blogging in with my job and everything else. 🙂 Suggestions?


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