Holiday Book Haul


So I’m back from my holiday in Boscastle, Cornwall. Isn’t it a beautiful place? The cottage we stayed in is right on the river and it’s a constant calming background noise. This is the view from the cottage:


I didn’t buy that many books this holiday, last year I bought a few from Truro charity shop and two from the second hand shop right opposite my cottage. I couldn’t find any I fancied in the second hand shop and I wanted to limit how many I bought. That was easy giving that the places we visited didn’t have books shops. I did find a book in the English Heritage shop in Tintagel, ‘Cornish Short Stories’ I’ve read afew already and they are really good.

But I found a bookshop in Padstow:

Image result for padstow book shop
I had to borrow this image from goggle/trip advisor as it was too busy to get a good photo

Ok, I didn’t just stumble upon it, I checked online to see if there was one. These are my books:


The Salt Path by Raynor Winn I’d heard about recently, I’d read a sample online and loved it but didn’t want to buy it just yet, so many books, but I couldn’t pass a signed copy. I’ve read the first few chapters and I’m hooked already.

Trying not to read too much of these books yet as I still have one on the go and one to start, a classic book I read with members of the readitswapit forum.


It’s really hard though as they’re both good books. The Salt Path is a story of a woman and her husband walking and camping on the South West Coast Path which is 630 miles going from Somerset to Devon, via Devon and Cornwall. A true story! I recommend it, I’ll let you know more when I finish it 🙂

Have you got a holiday planned/ have you been? Do you plan to buy books? Or take them with you?

8 thoughts on “Holiday Book Haul”

    1. Me too! Got to support a local bookshop especially the independant ones. I don’t have any where I live


    1. Yes, they are great. We always go in early July so it’s cheaper than when the school holidays start but we get good weather for a British holiday 🙂 And it’s a long wait otherwise

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