Writing Wednesday: trying

Always want to write when I don’t have time but then can’t get motivated when I do.


I had a creative moment, a little success,  I decided to go back and continue doing the exercises in this book:

Image result for back to creative writing school

I thought that doing an exercise might help to encourage my creative brain. I enjoyed the exercise, I had to think of names for two characters, answer a few revealing questions and then write a scene. It was good, I was surprised how quickly the ideas came to me. The first time you sit down to write it always the best when it’s all new and it’s flowing well. Sometimes I’ll be sitting for ages trying to think of anything. But then it’s been a while and my creative brain has been itching to be exercised.

But then I tried to continue with a story I’ve been working on and my brain decided it didn’t want to know, which causes me no end of frustration.  The heat isn’t helping me either, just giving me a headache so I admitted defeat for the moment.

This story  has an ok beginning but is in scraps and bits of scenes. I know what will happen and how it will end but the story is just not wanting to be written down. I might’ve made the mistake of typing it up too soon, I always find it easer to write with a pen and paper, the words flow more, inspiration comes easier than when I’m staring at a screen.

I have another story that has gone so far but I need to know what my character is looking for before I can continue it, mindmapping might help there or spending time figuring out who my character is.

It’s so frustrating feeling like you’re not getting anywhere (espeically when you know you won’t have time at a late date to write) knowing you have these stories inside you but it’s a battle sometimes to get them on the page. It will be worth it in the end, I will carry on trying because giving up is what got me in this situation to begin with.

Share your thoughts and your writing stories in the comments.

Take a look at the book Back to Creative Writing School by Bridget Whelan, it’s full of helpful advice with exercises to get you writing, perfect for every writer. I have the ebook.

10 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: trying”

    1. I get ideas but developing them can be tricky or getting stuck and needing a solution. Mindmapping a theme is a great start or if you write down the ideas that come to you then you have something to work with.


  1. I really need to make more time for my book idea – I did so well for awhile there, and then I don’t know what happened. LOL But yeah, I tend to have a tough time figuring out where the overall story is going to go. I find I often have an end, at least to start, but sometimes the rest is hard.


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    1. I know what you mean. Goals can help. Finding the story you could mindmap or work on the characters. Find out what it standing in your way. I am stuck with my novel it’s on hold at the moment but I will finish it. Never quit and finish what you start- advice I should’ve followed years ago.


  2. I’ve been book and story ideas and starting ever since I was a kid, and still I haven’t finished even one little novel.. It would be definitely time to get myself together😅 a book for creative writing exercises could maybe even for for me as well! Gonna try it, I think.


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