Just A job by Patsy Collins

Just A Job: A collection of 25 short stories by [Collins, Patsy]

A collection of 25 Perfect short stories to read on your lunch break ‘Just a Job‘ is a delightful read. I enjoyed them so much I was surprised to get to the end. My favourite was Fred’s Hat. I did intend a long review with notes about the individual stories but I didn’t want to give away spoilers.

There’s a good mix of poignant heart warming tales, tales with a twist and stories with lessons at their core. The characters are as intriguing as the plots. I loved all the stories and will have to give this a reread one day.

Patsy Collins often has her stories published in women’s magazines, you can check out all her collections and novels here don’t just take my word for it read this collection or one of the others yourself. You can see my review for ‘Not A Drop To Drink’ here.


Disclaimer: Just felt the need to add that whilst I follow Patsy on Twitter I have bought this ebook and read it because I am a fan. The author had no idea, until I shared this post. I love supporting indie authors and getting the message out about how good their stories are. 🙂

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