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I don’t usually share much about my life on here, besides my writing and my reading, I’m always concerned (probably a side effect of being an introvert) that I’ll seem self-involved or something. But I thought I’d share my thoughts and news: So me and my boyfriend have bought a house. Our first house! (I’ve been wanting to shout it from the roof tops but I have this inane fear that I would jinx it, that if I raved about it, it wouldn’t happen, yuk! sorry very bad thinking).

It was a big decision, I’m not planning on moving again. We are currently renting a small mid terraced house just off a busy main road and close to a pub. My main concern when looking at houses was that I didn’t want to move too far from my family (my father said that I’m like a homing pidgeon, but he lives in the same street as my Nan so who am I following :)) I didn’t want to have to catch buses as they are not reliable or cheap. I also wanted to make sure I could get a bus to work, or walk.

I think you have to be picky (a little), you don’t want to move then regret the distance from family or regret some aspect of the house.  I was prepared to give up my dream of a semi-detached or detached three bed house if need be but: I wanted a good size back garden and a front one too, a good size living room and kitchen. You do have to be realistic though, you can’t have everything, especially when the perfect property is way over budget. I didn’t really know where I wanted to live, my choices were limited really I wanted to avoid living near both a main road and a pub having put up with that for years.

I’ve always fancied living in this little village I live close to.  There’s nothing special about it really, the post office closed down recently, there’s about six Chinese takeaways, one chippy and two Indian restaurant/takeaways. A cafe and a random coffee shop that just opened. Mostly the shops that open don’t stay open long, there’s some that have been there for many years and probably are owned by the same people, then the convenience stores that have changed hands. So nothing amazing there.

But the houses were all way over budget. I’d have to sacrifice a lot to live there. So I wondered why did I want to live there anyway?

I think it’s just me being sentimental. When I was a child I’d walk to the library every Saturday and I’d always wanted to live there. I’m trying to recall why now, I’ve just always thought it was a lovely village and it had the library. But I don’t visit the library as often anymore, I started work and with my long shifts I struggle to find the time. Also I own a lot of books and review a lot for Netgalley etc so I never need to go there. (Sometimes I’ve checked to see if they had a book I want but they haven’t, lost or stolen usually!) I do feel guilty for not going more but that’s a post for another day.

I was asking myself about my reasonings because the place I am moving to also has a library, smaller but it’s there. It’s not far from the village either so I won’t miss out on my favourite Chinese and there’s a waffle shop (!!!) and a hairdresser. And I realised that maybe I was just holding onto this idea that didn’t mean anything, my dream would be to live by the sea (Tenby). But this is reality!

And what’s the reality? What did I give up? 🙂 The house we’ve bought has exactly what we wanted for a much cheaper price than in the village:

  • The house is maybe a 20-30 minute walk from my parents and I might end up walking to work depending on how long it takes, which is something I can’t do at the moment as it’s too long a walk.
  • It’s a three bed, semi-detached, exactly what I wanted- which I thought we wouldn’t be able to afford.
  • It’s an old house, built using local bricks (when there was still a brick yard) which means it is built a lot better than the newer houses, the walls will not be as thin as my current house (YAY!!! Peace and quiet)
  • The back garden is a perfect size, it has a small shed outside and space for another one. A lawn and also a space to use as a sort of patio. There is also a tiny pond, I’ve always wanted a pond because I used to have one as a child.
  • The front garden is paved over but there’s space to plant or whatever and there’s off road parking! I can access my back garden from the front! (sorry I live in a tiny mid terraced house this is a novelty to me)
  • I will actually have a proper washing line not a rotary thingy!!

We are so fortunate to have found this house within our price range and ticking most (if not all) of the boxes. I am so happy with the house and I can’t wait until it’s ours. We are just waiting now until we get the keys in about a fortnights time and we will then be moving shortly after. So … please again accept my apologies if I’m not blogging as much. And thanks for reading my exciting news 🙂

I can’t wait!!!!!!


Need I say more fellow book lovers/writers, need I say more?

8 thoughts on “Exciting News”

  1. Congratulations – so exciting!! We bought our house 18 months ago and remember all these dilemmas about what to sacrifice, what we really wanted etc. and then the sheer joy of finding The One! So shout it from the rooftops now that you can, good luck with the move and enjoy making it your own!

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