Ninja Book Box Unboxing

I took the photos for this post as soon as I got my Ninja Book Box but with having no internet and all the chores involved with moving….

So here it finally is!

August’s Ninja Book Box Unboxing


Each months Ninja Book Box includes a welcome message, a recipe card, spoiler envelope and the lovely charm! Augusts theme was The Search and the gifts are a hint of where the book will be set:


Included: a New York coaster and card, stickers for planners (love that idea) and Kindness cards (didn’t put them right for the photograph!) with ideas for little acts of kindness. 🙂


There was also this lovely and very Autumnal candle holder. I’ve recently got interested in candles and have a few, including the one from the Magical Lands Ninja box which I’ve been saving for when I read the sequel to the book which featured in that box.










And finally the book is: The Lustre of Lost Things by Sophie Chen Keller. I can always trust that the book will be perfect! This book is all about a search for a book, a book lover’s dream, sorry way too many repititions of the word ‘book’ and I’m told it’s a happy book which is what you need for the dim Autumn/Winter.

The next Ninja Book Box is in November, you can buy a one off box. Subscriptions are on hold after the November box.

I could do with starting this book now, I’m reading some intense books but I’ve aquired so many and have two being delivered. I am not reviewing anymore Netgalley books at present, I’m going to be focusing on reading the books I already own and maybe next year I will go back to reviewing on Netgalley and authors who contact me. That’s the plan anyway.

You can learn all about the Ninja Book Box on their website here the Ninjas have been very busy lately with the opening of their online bookshop and they’ve got a new box in development:

Project image for The Little Box of Calm from Ninja Book Box

I’ve pledged on Kickstarter to recieve the first box minus the book, as I already own a copy of On Anxiety from a previous Kickstarter. A Little Box of Calm is a one off box you will have to buy seperately from the Ninja Box. I love the idea, each box will feature a book and gifts related to a mental health issue. The box on Kickstarter here is for anxiety, you may or may not know that I suffer with anxiety myself and loved the idea of a little box of calm which will help me. If you suffer with anxiety or know anyone who does this is a perfect gift! Read my review of the book included in the box here.

I had a review copy of this book but I’ve backed another book from the same people On Bodies and bought a physical copy of On Anxiety as part of my pledge. It’s a good book!

If you can pledge anything to help the success of The Little Box Of Calm please do (be warned once you start backing projects it becomes an addiction), at the time of writing this blog these are the stats so far:


pledged of £400 goal



8days to go
They’re so close to reaching their goal! Mental Health is a very important issue and attitudes are changing. I can’t wait to recieve my Little Box of Calm and you’ll here all about it right here.

14 thoughts on “Ninja Book Box Unboxing”

    1. Yes they do! You can buy the next November box but they are postponing future boxes. No info on their website just yet but prices for international orders are there, sign up to their newsletter or follow on Twitter for updates. The Little Box of calm is available on Kickstarter only at the moment.


  1. Ouuuuh I love the idea of a recipe card ! and the little ninjas head on the paper, awww !!
    Also having anxiety too I love the idea of the box of calm aswell – now to check that out for my country (probably not but.. let’s see anyway !)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Idk- on one of the options on the side it said sold out, and its in euros. Id need to converse that in $can and hope its not too costy as I just lost my old and started a nee job 🙈 idk if I could make it

        Liked by 1 person

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