My Halloween Reads 2018

close up creepy dark darkness
Photo by Toni Cuenca on Pexels.com

I love this time of year, Autumn and Halloween. This year I’m prepared and have a list of books to read:


  • Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill- I’ve been meaning to read this book for a few years, I’m finally getting around to giving it a try and seeing if it is scary or as good as I hope.
  • Coraline by Neil Gaiman- I think I may have read this before but I’m not sure. This was given to be me by a book fairy 🙂 I love the film, Tim Burton fan, and haven’t read enough by Neil Gaiman. This is a dark fantasy.
  • Dracula: this is a reread. (I have a physical copy in one of my boxes) I was thinking of reading it again, it’s been a while and on readitswapit book forum it’s one of the buddy/read- a -long books so that was enough of an incentive to read it.

There’s so many books I want to read. And I’m sure there’s more on my to- be- read list but my books are all still in boxes right now. I have a lot of books!

I keep meaning to read a Clive Barker book (I love the film Nightbreed based on his book Cabal) and The Ghost Writer by John Harwood was recommended to me last year and I still haven’t read it. (I’ve stopped buying books again because I keep buying them on impulse when I have so many already waiting to be read and on my wishlist!)

I have these books I could read too: img_20181010_125748129-2.jpg

The Damned was on my Amazon wishlist and then I won signed books from the author on twitter! :0 So I have to read this at some point. The other book is book two from the Kickstarter I pledged support to: The Eden Book Society, I should start with the first one but I couldn’t find it to take the picture. It’s only a small book so I’ll have to read one, I keep meaning to read them and talk about them on here.

Currently Reading:


Technically Time’s Convert is a Halloween read, it’s about witches and vampires after all. I love this book, I love all the books and the new series A Discovery of Witches but you’ve probably read me raving about it somewhere so…

I’m finally getting to the last Song Of Ice and Fire book, it’s been a while since I read the previous book in the series so sometimes I do get a bit lost remembering whos who and the series is not following the books anymore so.

What are you reading for Halloween? Have you read these books?


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