My Halloween Reads 2018

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I love this time of year, Autumn and Halloween. This year I’m prepared and have a list of books to read:


  • Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill- I’ve been meaning to read this book for a few years, I’m finally getting around to giving it a try and seeing if it is scary or as good as I hope.
  • Coraline by Neil Gaiman- I think I may have read this before but I’m not sure. This was given to be me by a book fairy ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the film, Tim Burton fan, and haven’t read enough by Neil Gaiman. This is a dark fantasy.
  • Dracula: this is a reread. (I have a physical copy in one of my boxes) I was thinking of reading it again, it’s been a while and on readitswapit book forum it’s one of the buddy/read- a -long books so that was enough of an incentive to read it.

There’s so many books I want to read. And I’m sure there’s more on my to- be- read list but my books are all still in boxes right now. I have a lot of books!

I keep meaning to read a Clive Barker book (I love the film Nightbreed based on his book Cabal) and The Ghost Writer by John Harwood was recommended to me last year and I still haven’t read it. (I’ve stopped buying books again because I keep buying them on impulse when I have so many already waiting to be read and on my wishlist!)

I have these books I could read too:ย img_20181010_125748129-2.jpg

The Damned was on my Amazon wishlist and then I won signed books from the author on twitter! :0 So I have to read this at some point. The other book is book two from the Kickstarter I pledged support to: The Eden Book Society, I should start with the first one but I couldn’t find it to take the picture. It’s only a small book so I’ll have to read one, I keep meaning to read them and talk about them on here.

Currently Reading:


Technically Time’s Convert is a Halloween read, it’s about witches and vampires after all. I love this book, I love all the books and the new series A Discovery of Witches but you’ve probably read me raving about it somewhere so…

I’m finally getting to the last Song Of Ice and Fire book, it’s been a while since I read the previous book in the series so sometimes I do get a bit lost remembering whos who and the series is not following the books anymore so.

What are you reading for Halloween? Have you read these books?

13 thoughts on “My Halloween Reads 2018”

  1. Ooh Coraline is SO GOOD.๐Ÿ˜And so freaking creepy ๐Ÿ˜‚I kind of want to see the movie because I heard it’s very super creepy too (love that Neil Gaiman is here to keep the children freaked out…as well as the adults ah ahha.) Good luck with your Halloween TBR!!

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  2. I hope you enjoy all of these! I always meant to read Coraline, by I haven’t got round to it yet. And even though I read all the Song of Ice and Fire books back to back, I was still getting confused during the last one. There’s just so many new characters and even different POV characters by that stage, it gets kind of hard to follow!

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    1. Yes. A Discovery Of Witches is a must. I read it first a while ago and started my 4th reread this year. Time’s Convert continues the story but the All Souls Trilogy should be read first. The books have got popular now the TV series has started.


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