Time’s Convert by Deborah Harkness


Time’s Convert is a story from the World of All Souls. The story begins with book one of the trilogy ‘A Discovery of Witches’ So if you haven’t read the amazing All Souls Trilogy yet it’s probably best to read it first to avoid spoilers. There are spoilers in this review for that series too but not Time’s Convert. Time’s Convert follows on from the trilogy, it’s a “prequelly-sequel” 🙂

Time’s Convert tells us Marcus’ history, his life before he was a vampire and the circumstances of him becoming one. I loved learning more about Marcus and of course about the history of the time. It’s also the story of Phoebe’s tranformation, and for the first time we are given an insight into what it really means to become a vampire and what it’s like. Deb always has such a unique take on fantasy elements like magic and her vampires are no different. I love it when authors take us somewhere new with our old favourites of vampires and witches.

And we get to spend some time with the other Clairmonts! 🙂 There’s chapters that follow on Diana and Matthew’s story.

I didn’t want to finish this book! I couldn’t stop reading but at the same time I wanted it to last. I finished this wanting so much more. I love the characters, reading these books is like meeting up with old friends and I am eagerly (and patiently! Deborah Harkness is a very busy lady) looking forward to the next book in this wonderful fantasy world.

I am currently enjoying the new tv series ‘A Discovery of Witches’ love it! And soon I will finish my reread of the trilogy with Book Of Life.


I’m reading my Halloween books at the moment, I’m reading a really spooky horror and I can’t wait to review it and tell you about it. Wow!



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