My Halloween

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Happy Halloween 

I’m in work all day today but wrote this ahead of time. 

I’ve always loved Halloween, probably because I’ve always loved horror films and books, the supernatural and the unknown. I love gothic fashion, though I can’t say I’m brave enough to wear some of it.

When I was a child Halloween was different: we made our own costumes, usually a witch’s costume out of black rubbish bags. We loved it. A neighbour made a hunchback costume, it was amazing! I remember a horrible smelling witch’s nose (I don’t think I ever wore) and vampire fangs -you couldn’t talk when they were in.  I remember wearing a black dress from my sister’s wardrobe, maybe the last time I dressed up for Halloween. We didn’t buy our whole costume but put it together ourselves.

One year my Dad made us a broom! I wish I had a photo but we didn’t even have mobile phones back then and the camera wasn’t out all the time. He made it out of straw I think or maybe hay and an old brush handle. It was great.

We used to go around the houses, we called it ‘Halloweening’ and sung a song my Auntie (who still loves all the holidays) made up. She would host Halloween parties too but I can’t remember if that was regular or just a one off.

I loved watching all the Halloween films, it started off with just things like Casper (Sabrina the teenage witch films) until I was old enough to watch the proper horror films (probably before then, a video recorder was very handy). Back then there were Halloween films on tv and there’d be a Halloween episode of Buffy 🙂 I miss that, now there’s Christmas films in October and if you want to watch a horror you have to pay for a premium movie channel, which shows you old horror films you probably have on dvd.

When I got older and didn’t go around the houses anymore I’d buy junk food and watch films. I used to buy new horror/supernatural films every year to watch on Halloween. But times have changed and you can’t even buy that many dvds on the high street anymore. And horror movies haven’t changed, you get a few good ones and then the same old story, the same old jumpy scenes that just don’t scare you when you’ve been watching horror films most of your life. I think I’ve become immune.

I miss Halloween. It’s not as big anymore. I used to work in a Card Shop about 7 yrs ago and they made a huge deal of Halloween. I loved the music, Monster Mash! and we did have to dress up though I never liked that because you couldn’t wear what you wanted only what was in the shop! Or maybe I just wasn’t brave enough.

Now Christmas items are in the shops before Halloween and Christmas movies are on. I have to wear Christmas uniform already!!!! Such a huge deal for one day! And Halloween is gone, just a small blip on the calendar not what it used to be. Maybe it’s just me.Or maybe it’s just called being an adult.

This year: Like I said I’m working all day but I’ll be watching Hocus Pocus as usual when I get home, it’s become my tradition now I loved that film since I was a child. I’ve been reading some good Halloween themed books too. And watched a few films. There have been some films on, the Scream films which I never get tired of watching.

I don’t get the fuss over Christmas and then people don’t get my enthusiasm for Halloween.

Halloween needs a come back.



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