Writing Update

It’s been a while since I mentioned writing on here. With the house move I wasn’t writing at all really. I started to get back to it but I’ve been all over the place lately so I’m still just muddling my way along until my brain gets into gear.

What have I been doing?

  • I’ve been tweaking a short horror I wrote, it’s only 834 words long. I’m hoping once it’s done I can find somewhere to send it 🙂
  • I’ve finally bought my very first writing desk! Can’t wait to get that together and get all my stationary and writing papers etc organised so that I can get back to my novel. I’m hoping when it’s all sorted it might actually get my brain in motion to get things done.

Someone on twitter (can’t find the post again sorry, forgive me for not remembering you) mentioned that they were following this podcast every day in November instead of doing NaNoWriMo. It’s called Couch to 80K Boot Camp, every day you listen to the podcast and are given a writing exercise to do. I’m enjoying it and finding that I’m surprisingly creative with it except I meant to list things just now and ended up writing small paragraphs! Whoops 🙂 I needed something to get me back into my novel and this might be it! It fits the bill for me anyway to get back to it. Not just my novel but general writing,  Tim Clare is funny and has good advice, straight away I felt like he really understood what my issues were and I’m trying to stick with it and find time everyday. I’ve missed one day so far and caught up, work happens!

http://www.timclarepoet.co.uk/couchto80kwritingbootcamp/ That’s the link. Week one is short exercises to get your creativity flowing, it’s really worth doing this. Getting back to basics is  great way to get back into the writing groove or maybe just refresh a tired brain.

  • I wrote a new horror short story which isn’t terrible but needs work.

I don’t plan usually. If I have an image I write the story. Other times I might have the idea and a beginning, middle and end. I think most of the stories I write that I struggle with are those that I don’t have a plan for (not a huge plan just notes), but I need to write to flesh out an idea. I might have to stop writing and then plan ahead. Tim Clare said something about this in his podcast, I’ve always considered myself a pantser, he said “hows that working for you?” Not well! My muddle of a novel is evidence of that but I get stuck with a plan but when I start writing the ideas come.

Share your thoughts about this and let me know how you’re getting on. I know a lot of people are doing NaNoWriMo, best of luck with that, I miss doing it although I did do one Camp this year. Happy Writing! Tip: write more when you can each day so that when you are struggling you have a safety net, every word counts even that short paragraph or sentence you can scribble down on the way to work/school or on a lunch break.

Please leave links to your writing related blog posts. And your NaNoWriMo blog posts too 🙂  

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