My Bookshelf

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. My books are finally out of my moving boxes, (it’s only been two months!) so I can show you my bookshelves. I love browsing other peoples bookshelves.

They are not the most organised of shelves, just a warning, a trigger warning, a heads up that you may see a book that looks out of place. I wanted to get them out of boxes and there’s some sort of organisation :/ There’s some books still need to go on the shelves and a few piles that might be hidden in a cupboard (guilty secrets).

Don’t judge me by my bookshelf πŸ™‚

My two bookcases (I need more but wallspace it awkward at the moment)

Right on the top I have my gorgeous hardback edition of Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children trilogy. And a book of 100 ghost stories, I used to have a similar book as a child and it’s gone 😦 so I couldn’t resist this.


The first two shelves are my to-be-read books. On the far left (after some random books, including a Bowie book I shouldn’t have bought I won’t read it) you’ll see my five indie books that have come from competitions and my Ninja Book Boxes πŸ™‚ Then the rest are books I’ve bought from charity shops or that have been on offer. A Thousand Perfect Notes I keep meaning to read it’s by one of my favourite bloggers. Wizard of Earthsea was a book fairy book.


My shelves usually have ornaments and things on but they’re still in boxes (unpacking takes forever) you can see my tortoise I’ve had for years, my Nan used to have one as a pet, he was rescued and I had this when I was a child.

So top shelf is my to-be-read books, I’ve had the True Blood books for a while not sure if I’ll get around to reading them the rest are on a different shelf. Night World books, started reading these in my pre-teens couldn’t resist buying them again. (I already have one single book from those days). I won the Tarn Richardson books, they’re signed. I meant to read them recently :/ I won All Rivers Run Free too

The nextshelf is all my James Herbert’s and a few other horror novels. You’d think I’d have more but when I was in my teens everything was from the library or bootsales or cheap shops and I only bought horror or supernatural books. Then later when I started work, I started reading more widely in different genres and bought a lot more books. The Vampire Stories book was one the librarian kept back, for me in my teens,Β  knowing I’d love it, I bought this copy for myself years later.


My Vampire Chronicles books…. my favourite books in my pre-teens and reread so much back then. Next to a more recent vampire series I could not resist, huge vampire fan when I was younger. And here’s my shelf of autobiographical books, The Salt Path is an amazing read. I always loved a new autobiography at Christmas.


The bottom shelves are weird! Here’s my non-fiction some I’ve had since I was very young and others are recent additions (mainly the monster and vampire films books). I still haven’t finished that God Delusion book. That stack on the right is my teen/pre-teen books,The Vampire Diaries books and some witchy books.Β  I also have my Famous Five books that were in my mothers’ cupboard for years. I wish I kept more books from my childhood.


This is starting to become a long post :/ Top shelf classics:img_20181112_093921736.jpg

Next shelf is a continuation of the classics and then my favourite books πŸ™‚ My obsessions, oh and A Room With A View :/ random placement. The gap is for my latest Carlos Ruiz Zafon book


The second shelf down is my fantasy section. Behind the candle are more indie books, I love these books by Scarlett Thomas, I had the first book and candle in a Ninja Box, haven’t read book two yet. Lord Of The Rings reread continuing soon. I need more Robin Hobb books, just finished The Song Of Ice and Fire books


My Poldark books!!! Ok so here it get’s a bit disorganised, take a breath. My Jenny Colgan books, I love this series. Joanne Harris next to some sci-fi (not just any but Jeff Vandermeer who wrote the Wonderbook writing book on the next shelf) and American Gods. Still haven’t read the short story/novella at the end of that. (what’s wrong with me!)

Random lovely books on the next shelf (spot the indie from my Ninja Book Box) , unputdownables… then The Pendragon Legend. And we get to all my how-to writing books.

And this last shelf hmmm a tad embarassing


More non-fiction books on the right that I HAVE NOT READ AND HAD FOR YEARS (hides in another room forgets they exist). Poetry, small press short story anthologies for inspiration and for when my writing kicks off. Then the books on the left you don’t need to see, (though that orange book by Helen Kennerley is a good one anixety sufferers). Meditation books I haven’t finished, only two of these yoga books I’ve read :/ umm moving along moving along ….

I won’t show you the small piles of books that need new homes or the one’s I need to hide away πŸ™‚ I hope you’ve enjoyed nosing at my bookshelves. I’ve seen so many tidier ones.

I’ve got a book review coming up soon …. until then happy reading πŸ™‚

15 thoughts on “My Bookshelf”

    1. 🀣 just on these shelves? I have a few on the floor atm and four in a box and some on my desk. I’ve never actually counted them. I wouldn’t know whether to count them all or just the keepers. Thanks for reading. 😁


      1. Sorry I didn’t mean any offence. It is just wonderful to see your mini library.. I would love to just keep looking at your books. Sorry if I hurt you


      2. Sorry. I meant that would mean counting my books. I didn’t realise my phone had autocorrected. I am terrible at typing on touch screen. I should read over my comments πŸ˜‚πŸ€£


  1. I like how you organized your bookshelf! I only have one but it’s running outta space, haha–mine’s mostly filled with cookbooks and notes/books from medical school! I should section out a spot for my “to-read” books!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have a lot of notebooks filled and empty. I only just got the second bookcase, it came with my new house πŸ˜‚ before they were in storage boxes. Thanks for reading and commenting. I put my to be read books there as I forget what books I have. It’s motivation to read them really


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