Pressures of blogging and reviewing

Since my house move this year and the break I had to take from blogging I can’t seem to get back into writing more than one post a week for my blog. I don’t know if it’s the time of year or a result of the accumulation of stress due to the move etc but I’ve been struggling.

I do try to do too much and I’m thinking of taking a step back from my blog and focusing on other things. Like my writing which should be a priority. I love writing for my blog and reviewing books but lately I’ve been loving it less.

Problems reviewing

I’m decided to stop accepting review requests recently and now after having to write an email to say I can’t write a review for a book, it’d be very critical, I think I’m going to stop reviewing books for other people for the rest of the year. I’ve started reading a few books this year intending to review them but I haven’t been able to get into them and have had to write a not very fun email to the writer/publicist etc to explain. It’s horrible.

I know some bloggers write critical reviews and I have done in the past. I think because it’s for the writer or publisher and they will see it I just can’t be horrible. I’ve been called “too nice” by family in the past but maybe it’s because I am a writer that I just can’t be critical about someone’s book and write an unfavourable review. Which is odd because if I’ve read a book I didn’t like from Netgalley or just reading for myself I’ll say I didn’t like it. But since I’ve been blogging I’m more likely to not review a book than give it a critical review. Which isn’t very honest. This has got me down a bit. I don’t want to gloss over bits I didn’t enjoy in the book as that is lying too.

When I first started reviewing for the Lovereading review panel I always had brilliant books. I enjoyed them all. I started reviewing Netgalley books and if I didn’t like it I’d stop reading and not write a review. But if you’re writing for a blog tour or a writer it’s different.

It’s also hard to figure out if you’re going to like it, I try and read the first few pages on Amazon but you can’t always judge from that.

I want to read books I love, there’s so many books and so little time to read books you don’t enjoy. Don’t get me wrong I’ve read some great books from writers and for blog tours, maybe I’m only focusing on the negative.

All this has made me really stop and think about my blog and my reviewing. Can you do it if you are “too nice”? Can you write critical reviews if you are also a writer? I’m not sure what I think about all this so a break is the answer.

Going ahead

I’m still going to review my Netgalley books, I have a backlog and the books I read from my bookshelves. And I’ll probably be posting on here once a week or so.

But my priority has to be my writing now and also looking after myself rather than giving myself to many tasks that I feel exhausted.(My job is crazy this time of yr too). I know a lot of bloggers have taken a hiatus and we are all accepting the importance of breaks. After all we can’t do everything all at once. 🙂

Stick with me, I’m not disappearing.


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