Coraline by Neil Gaiman

This book was sent to me by a book fairy 🙂 This is a lovely edition with illustrations and a foreword by the author, he wrote this book for his children (long story short that foreword is a must read!) This is the edition to buy!

Coraline was one of my Halloween reads and I thought it’d be a light read even though it’s a dark fantasy. I was surprised to discover that it’s actually a creepy book! Even though it’s written for children the atmosphere is tense and it’s great!

“Something moved. It was little more than a shadow, and it scuttled down the darkened hall fast, like a little patch of night.”

I loved this odd little rhyme:

“We are small but we are many,

We are many, we are small

We were here before you rose

We will be here when you fall”


Coraline is a real, likeable character, she says funny things, like real children say:

” ‘Coraline: It’s raining.’

“yup, said her father. ‘It’s bucketing down.’

‘No,’ said Coraline, ‘it’s just raining.’


“‘Daddy, you’ve made a recipe again.'”

This is only the second Neil Gaiman book I’ve read and I’m never disapointed. They always exceed expectations and I’m surprised by how different his stories are. I am struggling to put into words how much I like his writing style, it’s not just the atmosphere and the riveting story but the similes he thinks of and his choice of words. I need to write down quotes more often.

I recommend this book so much, it’s a quick read. Dare I say, a must read!

Read it and share your thoughts, share how great this book is 🙂


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