Dracula by Bram Stoker

Finally I finished Dracula! I started rereading this back in October for Halloween, but this year has been crazy and I’ve been way behind on my reading. Which usually means I’ve found more books to read that I’ve enjoyed more 🙂 Or had little time for whatever reason. I read the ebook because at the time I started reading my paperback was still in moving boxes.

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Dracula (AmazonClassics Edition)




My thoughts

I couldn’t really remember everything that happens in the book because it’d been a while since I’d read it. I’d forgotten how this is a perfect example of a gothic horror novel, in the beginning when Jonathan Harker is on his way to Castle Dracula, the atmosphere is great and so is the foreshadowing. I enjoyed the story and released how much has actually been changed in the movie, the movie romanticises Dracula I feel but in this book he is a monster! A proper vampire! (sorry, Lestat).

The movie gets the vampire protections wrong too, (and so does Buffy!) They use garlic flowers not the bulbs! 

Due to the age of the book it can be overly dramatic sometimes. And Bram Stoker wrote dialogue as they speak which can be a bit awkward to understand. Van Helsing’s part of the narrative was also written as he spoke, this was annoying. I didn’t like the talk of a “man’s brain” and a woman’s brain but you have to allow for the difference in times. There was one glaring mistake that me and my friend noticed, wonder if you can find it too?

I enjoyed this book but sometimes it was a bit of a trudge to get through, there’s a lot of dialogue and it can get slow and dull. I think it might have been down to the pacing, a lot of scenes could have been reduced down.

The ending was disappointing, most of the scenes had been overlong up until then and when they finally reach that all important moment it is over too quickly. I had no memory of how the book ended. It’s a let down.

That said, I think this is a book people should read. There is some great writing and great moments in this book. But be warned there are parts that can be a bit dull, it’s for the avid classic reader, or the person who has to finish the book! 

I finished it! I’m glad I reread it but also glad my next classic is shorter: A Christmas Carol. My motivation for finishing this book was that I could read that next, it also helped that I was reading it with a few other people and knowing they had finished it made me push on. I sat there for over an hr until late-ish to finish it.

Have you read Dracula? What did you think?

15 thoughts on “Dracula by Bram Stoker”

  1. Hello from the UK.. I first read ‘Dracula’ years ago. My fahter used to tel us comic gothic stories based on it (that couldn’t be why my first novel was comic gothic and about vampires, could it?) and that made me interested in it.
    I thought it was wonderfully melodramatic. Interestingly,the supporting characters in this are little better than stereotypes,but that works perfectly, as we have the stage left clear for Van Helsing and the Count himself. Also interestingly, Stoker hmself had n ever travelled to Romania, despite the descriptions being so evocative. He relied on a guide. He seemed to know all about the travel routes, which is inttriguing.
    It is also interesting the way Stoker cleverly made sure that he did not outrage orthodox Christianity in his depiction of the evil power of vampires.
    There was a lot of untentiional comedy in it too. I remember letting out a shout of laughter when Harker sees the Count carrying out the ‘menial task’ of laying the table.

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  2. I’ve reread Dracula around 4/5 times and it’s one of my fave reads, I just love how dark it is! I’d love to visit Whitby one day and see where Stoker got his inspiration from. Some of my family visited there a few years ago and said it was beautiful.

    My Great Grandmother passed away September last year and she said her jewellery was to be passed on to family members. When I was looking through them with my grandmother, she told me the story behind one ring in particular. It was one of the newest rings my Nan had owned, but it was bought in the original Whitby Jewellers and was made from Whitby jet. I wear it every day now and I love that it symbolises my grandmother and our shared love for reading. 😊

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