Writing Progress?

I took a long break due to having a week off and doing other things: spending time with my boyfriend, buying books, sorting out the house. I’m wondering whether I shouldn’t have. Have to get back into the zone again and already  I don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere. What I’ve done so far:

  • read over all my scenes
  • made a storyboard of scenes on my corkboard
  • started to write character profiles
  • made more notes and mind maps etc to plot the novel

What I need to do:

  • finish plotting and character profiles
  • I NEED NAMES FOR MY CHARACTERS. My weakness is not having names
  • I need to think of what my place looks like but I’m struggling. Settling with eventually writing a short history and making lists and notes of places there
  • I think I’m going to read some advice on beginnings as I can’t decide how to start it/rewrite the start.

Do I want to start right next to the main first problem? Do I want to show my world and introduce the wonderful place that is this island first? If I do that can I make it interesting and describe well?

I’m planning on rewriting the entire novel, after pantsing it all I’m not happy with just plotting and filling in the gaps. I’m going to end up going through it all and rewriting scenes and adding new ones. Fun, fun.

It will be more fun when I get there, need to lay all this groundwork down so I can get to the writing stage. Itching to write. Learning a lot though: plot and think about it first makes for a less messy novel. 

I have very short time this week to get some of this done and now I’ve sat down to do it, I feel stuck and tired. Then feel  bad that I haven’t done much at all.

Oh, well. Thanks for reading my meanderings and worries etc Do share your writing posts and advice in the comments.


I should’ve started on a positive:

Before last week I decide to write a plot, very short, on a short story idea I had and this week I wrote a few pages! YEAH! I’D MISSED WRITING! LITTLE WINS, RIGHT? I think whilst I’m working on this plotting I will fit some short stories in but not too much pressure. Just write them for me so I can write, whilst waiting to get on with the writing of this novel.


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