Charity Book Fair Haul

I was so excited to go to the Lions Club Charity Book Fair in Bridgend this morning. I didn’t go last year I had no room and was planning on moving house. I got a bigger house now and I’ve given up banning myself from buying books. A good morning, I just spent two hours going around and around, spotting books the second time that I didn’t see the first.

My mother was looking for Outlander books but we didn’t see any and I was hoping for  Neil Gaiman books.

Last time I went I bought nine so I only bought one more this time.

These are my impulse buys

I’ve keep hearing a lot about Six Of Crows, I picked it up and put it down so many times, if I don’t read it or don’t like it then I’ll donate it back. The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas why not, the first page gripped me too. A Monster Calls, I recently watched the film.

Classics I had to buy

I love my classics, there wasn’t many this year. I’ve read these (I think I’ve read all Sherlock I forget) but don’t have a copy of The Hobbit and my Sherlock paperbacks are terrible. Going to look for the companion book illustrated  short stories.

I’ve read ‘Northern Lights’ before I had a copy hated it and gave it away. Then lent a copy, liked it, (sometimes you have to be in the right mood) and never get around to reading the rest of the series. I didn’t have to buy these but it might encourage me to finish the series now. I loved The Golden Compass film.

Books I’ve been meaning to read

I hoped to find The Night Circus there, I’ve been meaning to read it for ages so glad I got it now. And The Cuckoo’s Calling, I liked the tv series so I’ve been wanting to read these also.

I have had other books recently, I signed up ages ago to be a ‘book fairy’ on readitswapit book forum and this quarter I had more Hardy books and a copy of The Girl On The Train, another book I’ve been meaning to read.

I should probably start donating some books to this book fair, I have a stack of books I keep meaning to take to a charity shop. But some books you can’t part with, it’s books I know I won’t read again. I don’t really have room for these books on my shelf but oh, well.

I’m not banning myself from buying anymore, I’m hoping if I stop saying I can’t buy books maybe I won’t want to buy them so much HAHA maybe.

Have you read any of these?

10 thoughts on “Charity Book Fair Haul”

  1. Night Circus is fantastic! And I really hope you enjiy His Dark Materials this time around, though I think book 1 is the best of the 3. I still haven’t got round to reading A Monster Calls either!
    This is a great haul!

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  2. I loved the Dark Materials trilogy when I read it, but it’s been a while so I’m thinking now I should reread it. I haven’t read the rest, but several of them are on my to-read-if-I-happen-to-have-the-chance-but-I-won’t-go-out-of-my-way-to-find-them list.

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  3. I love The Cuckoo’s Calling, and the rest of the series, though I need to read the fourth. I want to watch the TV show; glad you enjoyed it. That illustrated Sherlock book is awesome!



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