Series I’ve started…. And haven’t finished

I have this habit of starting a series and never getting around to finishing it. Not because I’m not enjoying them, I seem to always find something else to read.

Series I need to finish

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs


Amount on books in the series: 3

I’ve read: 2

I love this series, a weird fantasy story about children with peculiar abilties, children who are very old and stay young as they live in time loops where they are protected from the Wights that could harm them.

Earth Haven  series by Sam Kates

The Cleansing (Earth Haven: Book 1) by [Kates, Sam]

Amount of Books: 3

I’ve read: 1

I read the first book and I got sucked into this apocalyptic story, which was partly set in Wales. I haven’t got around to reading the next book with no real excuse as it’s a good start to the series and I need to read more.

The Southern Reach Trilogy by Jeff VanderMeer


I’ve read the first two of this weird and intriguing series but still haven’t read the third, even though I need to find out what happens next!

Robin Hobb books: The Farseer Trilogy


I started reading Robin Hobb a few years ago, I had never really read much fantasy and seemed to be only finding ones I didn’t like. Then I found Robin Hobb! I started reading and loved her world and characters. I realised after reading Fool’s Assassin that there was an earliar trilogy featuring the childhood of the character so I went back to the begining and started reading The Farseer Trilogy. So far I’ve read book one: Assassin’s Apprentice.

Series I wonder if I’ll ever finish


Morganville vampires

I enjoy reading these books, they’re books you can get through quickly but for some reason I never seem to continue with them.

True Blood books

I’m not a huge fan of the style and I have a lot of them but I keep thinking I’ll get aound to reading them but don’t.

Series I am not in a rush to finish.



I love the Poldark tv series and books, I’ve been watching the series first and then reading the books relating to that series. Sometimes there’s a cross over and it spoils the next series. I’ve got either 6 or 7 books to read but I’m not in a rush to finish, especially considering it’s the last of the tv series this year. I’ll need something to console me.



I read the first book two years ago. I told my mother about it and she watched all the series and read the first five books! I have the second book Dragonfly In Amber to read from the library. I’m not rushing it because I try not to have the series spoiled. However I am hooked and might have to keep reading…. 🙂

And the book series I want to finish but can’t:

I finished A Song Of Ice and Fire books last year, but there’s more to come. And I know that the majority of fans have been waiting for years for the next installment, the tv series caught up and is finishing this year !

 Others worth mentioning:

  • I have one book left of the Inkheart series.
  • I have The Dark Materials series to continue which I’ve bought recently.


Why can’t I finish a series? I can blame my ever expanding to be read list, but I think the problem is I take a break between books to make them last longer or so I don’t get bored (um, why would I?) and then never get around to continuing. I want to finish some though before I decide to start more. I hope I haven’t forgotten any :/

Do you have the same problem?  Which series have to got to finish?

Have you read any of these?

10 thoughts on “Series I’ve started…. And haven’t finished”

  1. I do the same! I also love the Outlander TV and book series, but I’m still 2 books behind. I have no clue how many series I am reading altogether but I imagine it’s quite a lot. So many books….

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  2. I read a bunch of the Sookie Stackhouse books, but then Charlaine Harris started throwing in the realm of the fae and it got kinda stupid, so I lost interest.

    I plan to read the Outlander series soon, whenever the first book is in at the library.


  3. Good post! The only series on this list that I’ve started but haven’t finished is the Miss Peregrine’s series. There’s actually four books in that series, with A Map of Days (the fourth book) having just been released last year. There’s also Tales of the Peculiar, which I believe is a prequel told in short story form.

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  4. I do read a lot of series at the moment I am working through the Robin Hobb books the Realm of the Elderling series. What i do as part of my reading aims for the year i am to read one series a year. The main thing for me in a series is that the characters have to develop over the books other wise I get board for example it was easier for me to read the Wheel of Time, than the James bond books

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