To finish or not to finish?

It’s not always a simple decision about whether or not you want to finish a book. There’s a lot of decision on twitter about DNF books. If you don’t like them and you know you can’t continue it’s simple. But I have these books that I’m just not sure what to do.


The Raven's Head

I mentioned this in my previous post. I liked the book when I started reading it but I have other books I enjoy more so I’ve put it aside for now.

What’s not to like? I think it may be the viewpoint change that is getting on my nerves. I’m not sure, maybe it’s just the wrong time to read it.

Finish or not? I keep thinking that I’m going to pick it back up again and continue it so I’m leaving on my ‘currently reading’ shelf on GoodReads for now


I bought this book last year. I wanted books set on an island with a magical theme, as research for the novel I’m writing. Sort of. I thought it would give me more info about island life and I could avoid having a similar book.

What’s not to like? I didn’t like the viewpoint changes and to make it worse there were viewpoint changes in the same chapter! They’d just be a new paragraph and this put me off. Surprised as Nora Roberts is a well known writer and popular it seems like a mistake for a new writer not to serperate viewpoint, but maybe I’m wrong. I liked the concept but the style wasn’t gripping me. I liked the characters. I think it was the different viewpoint that put me off, I love reading books with one viewpoint or at least not too many, I prefer the (I think it’s called:) limited viewpoint, where you only see what that one character sees rather than dip in and out of all the characters heads which this one seemed to do (in one scene) because there was no seperation :/

Finish or not?

I’ve taken it off my GoodReads for now and left it. I’ve got a lot of books to read and I’ve realised it’s nothing like the book I’m writing. I might pick it up again, I hate just not finishing them.

Sometimes I’m temped to just give them away but I’ve done that before and then wanted to read them. Or read a book hated it and the second time loved it (The Golden Compass).


I’ve got a book about writing on Netgalley that I’m thinking about not finishing. But it’s Netgalley! I started reading it and it’s good but I just feel like I have a lot of books to read. I almost didn’t bother with Wakenhyrst and thought I should have a fresh start but it’s a book I don’t want to put down.

Mood. Tiredness. Reading other books I prefer. These are the reasons I seem to stop reading specific books. I need to read a certain book and start reading it but then don’t finish others. I also don’t like not finishing books and giving up on them.

What do you think about these books and my decision? What books have you not finished?

4 thoughts on “To finish or not to finish?”

  1. I used to finish just about everything I started, but now I have too many books I want to read so if I lose interest in something I tend to just give up – take it off my Kindle or return it to the library. I tend to get a lot of ebooks for free or $.99 so I don’t feel bad about it.

    The exception to this is if I know the author – I’m more likely to force myself to finish it then.

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